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Heute unter anderem: Apples versteckte Agenda, Berichte zum Belkin Media Reader und Voice Rekorder für den iPod, Longhorns Verzögerung bringt Switcher, die Geschichte von OS X und Apples europäische Stückzahlen. Details gibt es beim Weiterlesen...

'Apple's hidden agenda' bei globetechnology.com:
"iTunes also tells Windows to use QuickTime whenever you play other media files. QuickTime? Yes, QuickTime! iTunes for Windows automatically installs the latest version of Apple's media player software including plug-ins for Web browsers like Internet Explorer. After installing iTunes, Windows users can also use QuickTime-based Web sites like Apple's own 'Movie Trailer' page. Note that Apple has done away with the "Upgrade to Pro" nag message that used to accompany the Windows version of QuickTime. It's free, kids. Help yourself."

Bei Microsoft-Watch.com will so mancher Leser aufgrund der Verzögerung von Longhorn lieber gleich switchen:
"But to others — who have been hearing Microsoft's promises of better security; more tightly integrated development tools and technologies; a souped-up user-interface equal to Apple's best — another delay is the last straw. Linux and Mac OS: Here they come."

Der Belkin Voice Recorder für den iPod wird bei iPodlounge.com getestet:
"Once a recording has been made, it can be played back through the built-in speaker or heard through headphones. No doubt owing somewhat to the Voice Recorder's quality omnidirectional microphone, voice recording quality is surprisingly clear, especially for 8KHz sampling, and we feel comfortable agreeing with Belkin's claims that the Voice Recorder is capable of recording lectures*, memos, interviews and conversations. But you'll only be able to hear them clearly with a set of headphones. Playback through the speaker is clear, though quite limited in volume by the speaker's small 16 millimeter size and the unit's low power drain."

Die Geschichte von OS X bei RoughlyDrafted:
"With the release of Panther just a few days out, it's a great time to look at the story of NeXT, the company that developed the technologies Mac OS X is largely based upon."

Macworld UK berichtet über Apples verkaufte Stückzahlen in Europa (letztes Quartal):
"Apple saw year-on-year sales climb 17.1 per cent in Europe in the third quarter 2003, reports IDC."

Ein kurzer Bericht über den iPod Media Reader bei Interactive Narratives:
"I picked it up and works like a charm."

John Gruber liest zwischen den Zeilen des albernen MS-Selbstinterviews mit David Fester (am Sonntag auch bei mir verlinkt):
"iTunes captured some early media interest with their store on the Mac, but I think the Windows platform will be a significant challenge for them. Unless Apple decides to make radical changes to their service model, a Windows-based version of iTunes will still remain a closed system, where iPod owners cannot access content from other services."
"We’re bad-mouthing Apple because they’re not using WMA, and our goal is to establish a monopoly on digital media formats and rights management. You might think that the iPod and iTunes are in fact open, given that they work swimmingly well with MP3 files, but you would be wrong, because what we mean by “open” is “based on Microsoft’s propriety formats”. (In fact, we don’t even mention “MP3” in this entire “Q&A”.)

"Apple should get out to an early lead in music downloads, based on its strength in both distribution and ease of use. Here's our assessment of the prospects for the other recently launched (or soon-to-be-launched) music services." CNET handelt die Konkurrenz des iTMS ab.

Wired freut sich auch über iTunes für Windows:
"Windows users who take the new iTunes for a spin will find a service that is fairly reliable and easy to use, making it a strong addition to the ever-growing collection of paid music services".

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
10/22 Franz Liszt born, 1811
(So einfach ist das).

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