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MacOrama für den 20. Mai 2004

macoramaDas neue iTunes Toolkit für Windows Entwickler wird, laut CNET, mit offenen Armen empfangen: "While commercial programs have yet to be released taking advantage of the information in the new development kit, a handful of programmers, including Carson, have begun swapping ideas for small applications, in some cases posting code on their blogs.[…] "There's nothing new here except that it's for Windows," said spokesman Chris Bell, Apple's director of product marketing for the iTunes line of software."

Laut comScore Media Metrix gelangte apple.com im April auf Platz 49 der meistbesuchten Netzangebote in den USA mit rund 10,5 Millionen Besuchern (unique visitors) und lag damit knapp über HP und ebenso knapp unter Dell.

MacOSX.com sieht ein Farbdisplay für den kommenden iPod als gesichert (bei der Verwendung des Wortes 'confirmed' sollten allerdings eher etliche Fragezeichen auftauchen): "Our sources have confirmed the next generation iPod will have a color screen. The new iPod will not be much different in form and function from the current models, but the primary difference is the color screen. Other details about the iPod are scetchy on our end but the fact it will be color is not up for debate."

Keine iPod Unterstützung (wenig verwunderlich) für das Lindows kommerzielles iTunes Ripoff Lsongs, deshalb empfiehlt man Linux Nutzern dort den Dell DJ, dabei lässt sich der iPod natürlich durchaus unter Linux nutzen.

David Pogue nimmt in der NYT Mac Office 2004 unter die Lupe: "Finally, you can now use 255 characters to name a new document, just as you can in any well-written Mac OS X program. (Office X, the previous version, truncated your file names. An icon on the desktop called "My Dinner With Bill Gates, and Why I'm Sorry I Didn't Take the Mac OS X Bumper Sticker Off My Corolla First.doc" became "My Dinner With Bill G#DE971.doc.")"

Dazu passend: Test Drive für MS Office 2004, die bessere Alternative zu 108KB kleinen Word Installern.

Ted Landau bei macfixit über das Unsichtbare in OS X: "In order for a file to be invisible in OS X, it does not have to drink a magic elixir. But it does have to meet one of the three criteria that the Finder checks in determining a file's status. The following sections describe these criteria; along the way, we also describe how to get any and all invisible files to appear on your desktop."

kernelthread.com widmet sich der Fragmentierung in HFS+ und kommt zu einem wenig überraschenden Ergebnis: "Defragmentation on HFS+ volumes should not be necessary at all, or worthwhile, in most cases, because the system seems to do a very good job of avoiding/countering fragmentation."

Apple hat in Japan etliche Örtlichkeiten für potenzielle weitere Apple Retail Stores im Blick, wie AppleInsider schreibt: "As part of its overseas retail initiative, Apple has maintained a Japan retail 'Hit List,' which currently references up to 27 prospective or secured storefronts, including 6 more in Tokyo and 2 others in Osaka. Each is assigned a deployment priority ranking, which coincides with surrounding district population figures also present in the documents."
Interessant wäre es, eine ähnliche Liste für Europa in die Finger zu bekommen.

Apropos Apple Retail Store, dieser ist gestern quasi 3 geworden, zu lesen bei (natürlich) ifoapplestore.com: "It was on this day in 2001 that Apple opened their first retail store, in McLean (Virg.) at the Tyson's Corner mall. Within three years, the 78 stores are generating a profit and Apple is poised to open at least another 30 stores over the next two years."

Jeremy Horwitz wirft bei ipodlounge.com einen tiefergehenden Blick auf die zahlreichen Neuigkeiten von Sony, die gerne weithin als 'iPod Killer' (gähn) bezeichnet wurden, PSP. Vaio Pocket und den Connect Music Store: "When Sony first disclosed the concept for the PlayStation Portable last year and called it the "Walkman of the Future," it was clearly jabbing at Apple's global success with the iPod. But after using and learning more about the PSP last week, we're now convinced that Apple, not Sony, has already landed the knock-out punch in the Walkman wars."

Engadget mit hymn-Anleitung:
"hymm decodes the songs you have purchased using the key from your iPod and/or your operating system and make a new file which is not protected, it keeps the cover art and song data as part of the file. Since this is using your key, you can only do this for your songs, which I personally think is fair- they’re the songs you bought, you should be able to put them on your other computers or devices."

Der Kampf gegen den Spam Teil 2 beim MacDevCenter, diesmal mit besonderem Augenmerk auf mail.app's eigenen Spamfilter, der mir seit langem hervorragende Dienste leistet: "Many myths have emerged about Mail's junk mail filter. No, it's not an extremely complex set of rules, no it doesn't look for keywords, and no, it doesn't use white magic. To truly understand what makes it so much better than the competition, we'll have to take a closer look at the recognition engine and the technologies it relies on to do its work. It may sound a bit complex at first, but things will begin to make sense as we work through the mechanics."

Während in Deutschland immer noch kein Mobiltelefon mit 1 Megapixel-Knippse zu bekommen ist, ist man in Japan schon bei (über) 3 angelangt, wie MobileBurn meldet:
"Casio recently launched the world's first 3.2 megapixel camera phone for KDDI's "au" network in Japan. The A5406CA's camera features an autofocus function that ensures that users get a good photo every time. It has a 2.3" QVGA (240x320) primary display, and a 1.1" external sub-display."

Die Knowledge Base erklärt, was ein "computer-specific Mac OS X release" ist:
"Most new Macs come with a "computer-specific" release, or build, of Mac OS X. In fact, there's a great list in this document."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
05/20 The Jimi Hendrix Experience is signed by Reprise Records, 1967
(So geht das).

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