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MacOrama für den 24. Juni 2004

macoramaAvie Tevanian bei einer Kongressanhörung über OS X Security: "While Apple is very proud of our approach to security, we recognize the importance of being pro-active in anticipating new threats or security problems so that even potential risks are quickly mitigated and threats reduced. We all know that no security is 100% perfect. If managed improperly, or not at all, no amount of security can withstand a cyber attack. While we can provide secure systems and the tools to manage that security, we need to work with our customers and partners, in government, industry and the consumer market to ensure preparedness and to ensure the use of best practices in protecting our information systems." Die komplette Aussage als .pdf .
(via macintouch)

Weitere Details zum nächsten großen Xserve G5 Cluster bei MacMinute: "DiRienzo said that MACH 5--which will be used to model aero-thermodynamics of hypersonic flight for the US Army--will run Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) as the primary operating system. However, Colsa "has the option to use Linux at a later date if necessary to optimize the operation for our customer," he said."

Die Analysten mögen es: "There is this mid-market for HPC that frankly is far more sizable in terms of a market segment that Dell and Apple are going after and they are having success," Forrester Research vice president and analyst Brad Day told The Mac Observer. "This is a $3 to $5 billion market, worldwide. If Apple gets five percent of this mid-market, which is very doable, that will be a big deal for a company that has never truly been in the server segment as a share leader, let alone the more demanding high performance technical computing segment." Bei TMO.

Für Nicht-USA-Nicht-BMW-Fahrer, gefunden bei Engadget:
"Belkin has a new iPod mini dock called the TuneDok that simply pops into a cup holder, with adapters to fit differently sized cup holders."

Phil Schiller weist nochmals nachdrücklich darauf hin, dass der iPod im BMW erst der Anfang sei: "Apple's fit with automobile manufactures will go beyond BMW in the future. Apple's Phil Schiller said this is the first of what he thinks will be several partnerships."

Besonders praktisch an John Gruber's Artikeln ist, dass sich immer ein schönes Zitat findet: "I think Spolsky is very much correct that Microsoft is losing the API war. But what’s ironic is that they’re losing this war despite the fact that they won the browser war. Winning the browser war — destroying Netscape — was supposed to prevent there ever even being an API war."
Und nicht vergessen: T-Shirt kaufen.

Die Geschichte mit der Beastie Boys CD dreht weiter ihre Runden, heute bei The Reg: "The infected CD is being distributed worldwide except in the USA and UK, which prevents us from giving a firsthand report. However, according to hearsay, we gather that the Windows version exploits the 'autorun' option, and that the Mac version affects the auto play option. On Windows, when a CD is loaded, a text file called autorun.inf is read, and any instructions within it are executed. In this case, the machine is instructed to install some manner of DRM driver that prevents copying. We haven't seen either the .inf file or any of the executables, so we can't say how or at what level it accomplishes this - or if indeed it actually does accomplish this."

Weitere 6 Gmail Einladungen zu vergeben, wenn immer noch Interesse bestehen sollte einfach mail an mich.

Passende Lektüre 'Getting More Out Of Gmail': "Import Mail from Mac OS X into Gmail — uses the source from the above program along with some AppleScript to allow you to migrate e-mail from your Mail.app mailboxes to Gmail."
(via bamboozled)

Bob Garfield rechnet der iPod Kampagne hohe Gewinnchancen in Cannes aus: "Our best guess for the Grand Prix, though, is for Apple iPod (TBWA). The colorful "Hip Hop" silhouettes are not only striking, they're a rare example of advertising-as-USP, in which the Day-Glo images are synonymous with the unique product they represent. It's a towering achievement in art direction."

piPod: An iPod-Based Field Guide To NYC Pizzerias.
(via Boing Boing)

"Apple today announced that the DVD Forum has ratified the H.264 Advanced Video Codec (AVC) to be included in the next generation High Definition (HD) DVD format.[…] H.264/AVC is based on open standards and will ship in Apple’s QuickTime® software in an upcoming release next year."

Andrew Orlowski schwingt bei The Register den DRM-Knüppel:
"Meanwhile, Apple once appeared to regard DRM as a necessary, and perhaps even a temporary evil. Steve Jobs told last year told Rolling Stone that he didn't think that DRM would ever work, all the while patenting new DRM technologies and leading, with Sony and Warner Brothers, the movie industry's secretive Copy Protection Technology Working Group. And when Apple's head lawyer for its iTunes Music Store told EFF attorney Fred Von Lohmann last month that it would keep DRM even if it didn't have to, its true strategy became clear: DRM is a competitive weapon, and its customers are collateral damage."

Walt Mossberg wirft Blicke auf diverses iPod Zubehör: "This roundup includes only a small sampling of the various gadgets that are available for use with the iPod. As long as your wallet holds out, you can do all sorts of things with an iPod."

So soll das sein: "The school board last night voted 8-0 to approve a $3.1 million contract with Apple Computer Inc. to lease about 1,200 laptop and desktop computers."

Die Geschichte ist zwar schon fast eine Woche alt, aber die Headline ist es wert: "Keys Shocks Apple With Store Buying Preferences". Bei teenmusic.com .

Mactechnews fordert mehr Platz im .mac Account. Think Secret munkelt es gäbe neue .Mac Boxen im Juli, Details unbekannt.

Diesmal fertig: Camino 0.8 .

Und natürlich nur noch 4 Fehler bis zur WWDC Keynote!

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
06/24 Senate repeals Gulf of Tonkin resolution, 1970
(So geht das).

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