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MacOrama für den 15. September 2004

macoramaRob Glaser im Slashdot Interview, kann man natürlich ganz lesen, oder die Kurzform von Overzeetop nutzen:
"…3 We use a proprietary format because if we didn't, we'd get crushed by MS and Apple. If Apple, however, figured out how to play .rm, we'd sue their asses off. They won't license to us, so we won't license to them. Nyah.
4 We write annoying and intrusive software because Microsoft does it too (and our annoyances aren't as bad as their's are)…"

Die Apple Mini Retail Stores sollen laut ifoapplestore.com in 'stainless steel' gehalten sein.

Daraus kann man sich nach Lust und Laune Verschwörungstheorien basteln, oder akzeptieren, dass VirtualPC wahrscheinlich niemals ein grandioser Ersatz für x86-Hardware wird: "Many of the feature enhancements originally planned for Virtual PC 7.0 did not make it into the version of software that will begin shipping this month, multiple sources tell AppleInsider."

Ein tätowierter iPod und die iPod+hp Anzeigen aus dem Rolling Stone im frostyplace Forum.

metamac konnte zumindest eine iMac G5 Lieferbestätigung eines Vorbestellers in Deutschland auftun, das lässt hoffen: "Die in diesem Fall gelieferte Maschine, der „kleinste“ iMac G5 mit 17 Zoll-Display und 1,6 GHz, ist ein BTO-Modell (512 MB RAM, 160 GB Festplatte) und wurde am 31. August bestellt."

Mobilfunkanbieter die in Deutschland Musikdownloads anbieten im iPod-news.de Überblick.

McAfee's Chef brabbelt im CNET Interview was von Viren und iTunes:
"Q: How serious is the virus situation now?
A: Well, in the first quarter this year, we saw more attacks than all of 2003, and 2003 was the largest attack year in our history. And we are seeing the hacker move from just PC to everything that's tied to technology. And I've read that there are now attacks on Apple's iTunes. We are also seeing PDAs and 3G phones being attacked. And Internet phones are getting hit like crazy right now."

"When the Hypersonic Missile Technology (HMT) team at COLSA Corporation and the U.S. Army need to model hypersonic flight on a computer system, they’ll no longer have to wait two months to get results. The HMT team, headed by senior scientist Dr. John Medeiros, now has access to one of the world’s largest and most powerful computers: a supercluster of 1,566 64-bit, dual-processor Apple Xserve G5 servers." Apple freut sich auf drei Seiten.

Ein Blick auf BBEdit 8 von John Gruber, alternative Icons von Jon Hicks oder Adriaan.

"Do we truly never know what we have until it's gone? If so, now may be the best time for our Power Users' Review of Danger's Sidekick II. Having boxed up our review unit for its return to Danger, iPodlounge's editors feel as if we've achieved a bit of psychological distance from the all-in-one telecommunications gadget that we've been testing for the past ten days. In fact, it's just enough distance for us to ask and answer two critical questions of interest to Power Users - people who are familiar with the Sidekick's core technologies and want to hear more about the differences between the old and new platforms."

Und natürlich ein gedruckter Fehler.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal:
09/15 Agatha Christie born in Torquay, England, 1890
(So geht das).

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