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"This new generation processor offers one crucial advantage against the G5 currently used in Apple's desktop Macs. The latter processors were made using IBM's 130nm manufacturing process. This different manufacturing method means the new G5 has a, "maximum power consumption of 55W at 2GHz, down from the 90W" of the current Power Mac chip, Glaskowsky said.
"We expect to see new G5 desktops soon, with faster processors, and G5 laptops later in the year", he said.

Aussage Glaskowsky im vergangenen Dezember:
"Speeds of 2.4 to 2.6 GHz would be consistent with exactly where I would expect them to be right now," Glaskowsky says.
Faster chips will also migrate to the Powerbook notebook line. There's a pretty good chance that a Powerbook G5 notebook will appear no later than the summer of 2004.
"There are no technical hurdles to producing a Powerbook G5. It could easily appear in January," Glaskowsky says."

Mehr zum PowerBook G5 hier im fscklog.

Bei den MacGuardians wird passend die 'Saure-Gurken-Zeit' ausgerufen:

"Was ist aus all den herbeigerüchteten Geräten geworden, die Ende letzten Jahres die Gerüchteküchen füllten? Neue Displays? Neuer iMac? Neuer eMac? Aktualisierte PowerMacs? iOffice?"

Der allseits beliebte Anal-yst Rob Enderle begeilt sich an seinem 'Ferrari-branded notebook from Acer':

"When I walk into a room with this baby, even the Apple users join the throngs of admirers."
Genauso wie Apple auf Intel umsteigen muss und der iPod mini ein Flash-Memory-Player wird.

San Francisco bekommt endlich seinen Apple (Retail) Store:

"...on Saturday, February 28 at 10:00 a.m. PST. The store will be one of Apple's five flagship stores worldwide, joining flagship stores in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Tokyo."

Applelinks mit einem Mozilla Firefox Mini-Review:

"I usually have at least three browsers running. I still like solid and relaible iCab for downloads and Web posting and certain other specific tasks. Safari is a great tool for doing research thanks to its support of OS X Services for shunting material from Web pages into other applications like DEVONthink. However, for speed and smooth, polished performance, my first choice for the past several months has been Mozilla FireBird 0.7.
Yesterday, the Mozilla folks released a new version of the browser, with a new interface theme for OS X users, even more speed and polish, and a new name - Firefox."

Microsoft lauds IE as 'the most secure browser'.
Microsoft warns of widespread Windows flaw.

Zu spät gesehen, schon zwei Tage bei O'Reilly zu lesen:

"My computer of choice is a Macintosh with Mac OS X v. 10.3, Panther, loaded with Apple applications. At first sight, some users may think that it is as proprietary as you can get. But if you look closer you will see that I also use OpenOffice, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firebird, Camino, KOffice, Chatzilla... and that all of this sits on a standards-based, open source operating system !
Why? Because I think that open source truly shines when it can be combined with proprietary solutions, in an elegant way.
Indeed, only a company can create a large, unified group of developers, interface designers, marketers, support advisors, resellers... And only a company can work closely with multiple vendors to create perfectly integrated, compatible applications like FinalCut, QuickTime or XGrid."

Bei der Washington Times schließt Mark Kellner das iBook in sein Herz:

"I could easily see this computer accompanying someone to a college dorm, or part of a very stylish home office. It's a good portable, it's a good home computer, and I'll have more to say about it after a couple of road trips."

Wer noch weitere GarageBand Artikel verkaften kann, Ted Landau bei MacFixIt:

"Warning: GarageBand can be hazardous to your health. How can you tell if you have fallen victim to this malady? Here are some of the warning signs: Are you mixing loops during times of day that should be spent on more trivial activities, such as eating and sleeping? Do you record your voice over and over, striving for that perfect take, while your spouse consults a lawyer to see if endlessly singing off-key qualifies as spousal abuse? If so, you've been hooked. I know. It's happened to me. I can't recall the last time that a software program (other than a game) has so captured my attention."

Außerdem Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
02/11 Thos. Edison born, 1847

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Neues zur Apple vs. Apple Klage

Im September 2003 sorgte es für breites Aufsehen: Apple Corps, Plattenfirma der Beatles und Apple waren sich äußerst uneinig :
"Over a decade ago, Apple signed an agreement with Apple Corps, a business controlled by the Beatles and their heirs, which specified the rights each company would have to use the 'Apple' trademark. Unfortunately, Apple and Apple Corps now have differing interpretations of this agreement and will need to ask a court to resolve this dispute."

Seitdem war es ruhig geworden, nun wird am Rande des SEC-Filings angemerkt, was bisher passiert ist:
"Plaintiff, Apple Corps filed this action on July 4, 2003 in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, in London alleging that the Company has breached a 1991 agreement which resolved earlier trademark litigation regarding use of the Apple marks. Plaintiff seeks unspecified damages and other relief. The Company filed a motion on October 13, 2003, challenging jurisdiction in the U.K. On October 8, 2003, the Company filed a case in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California requesting a declaratory judgment that the Company has not breached the 1991 agreement. Apple Corps is challenging jurisdiction in the California case. Hearings on both jurisdictional challenges are set for February 2004."
Demnächst also wieder mehr dazu...

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Exposé Shot

Der Blick über die Schulter:


Erstaunlich, welche Freude Exposé und (natürlich) der Application Switcher nach fast vier Monaten noch auslösen können...

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Details zum Bildungsmarkt und den schlechten iMac Verkaufszahlen aus Apples SEC Filing

Die wichtigsten Zahlen waren natürlich bereits im Rahmen der letzten Quartalsergebnisse bekanntgegeben worden, doch einige Kleinigkeiten finden sich noch in Apples SEC Filing für Q1 2004 (dabei wurden auch die bestehenden Klagen verlautbart):

Im amerikanischen Bildungsmarkt legte Apple umsatztechnisch um 20% und bei den verkauften Stückzahlen um 8% zu (im Vergleich zum Vorjahresquartal).

Als Gründe für die schlechten iMac Verkaufszahlen wurden der (zu) hohe Einstiegspreis, der Trend in Richtung Notebook und erstmals auch der fast 2 Jahre alte Formfaktor ("...the current flat panel iMac and eMac form factors are approximately 2 years old, which contributed to the decline in net sales.") angeführt. Das könnte durchaus zu Kaffeesatzleserei hinsichtlich baldiger wirklich neuer iMac/eMac Modelle führen...

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Apple angeklagt

Die drohenden Sammelklagen (etwas dazu hier bei mir verlinkt) haben sich manifestiert, so schreibt Macworld UK:

"It's alleged the company misrepresented its iPod digital music player's battery life; violation of a California law for unfair competition and violation of California's Consumer Legal Remedies Act have also been alleged; allegations of false advertising, fraudulent concealment and breach of warranty have also been made.
Apple is also one of eight defendants named in a patent infringement suit filed by East Texas Technology Partners January 23. The plaintiff's lawsuit alleges Apple infringed a patent (6,574,239) relating to "virtual connection of a remote unit to a server."
Apple has also been named as defendant in a class-action filed January 9 in California, "alleging improper collection of sales tax in transactions involving mail-in rebates", Dow Jones reports."

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'I have mail order degrees in Murderology and Murderonomy!'

zoidbergDas obengenannte Zitat ist leider nicht dabei, dennoch ist das Dr. Zoidberg (Flash)Soundboard natürlich weit mehr als einen Besuch wert.
(via MilkandCookies)

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Weitere Details zu Safari 1.2

Einzelne Details von Safari 1.2 hatte ich bereits zusammengetragen, nun meldet sich auch Chefentwickler Dave Hyatt persönlich zu Wort und listet die unzähligen (technischen) Änderungen, unter anderem:

'Full Keyboard Access - You can now tab to all controls (and optionally links) on a page. There has been much confusion over this feature, since the ability to tab to all controls honors the OS setting.
In order to tab to popup menus, you need to go to your system preferences, select the Keyboard and Mouse panel, and then select the Keyboard tab. At the bottom of the tab is a checkbox next to the words "Turn on full keyboard access." Check that box to enable full keyboard access, and you'll find that you'll now be able to tab to popups all over the operating system (including Safari).
Another complaint I've seen on forums was that you couldn't type letters to have the popup jump directly to a selected item (e.g., typing "U" to jump to "United States"). Again, we obey the OS behavior, which does allow this, but only after you hit the spacebar when the control has the keyboard focus. Multi-letter typing is supported to complete to a specific item. Try it. You'll like it. :)'

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Der fünftreichste Mann der Welt Prinz Alwaleed bin Talal, Apple Großinvestor, traf Steve Jobs. Trade Arabia berichtet knappstens:

"Jobs briefed Alwaleed on Apple's strategic plans.
Apple believes music will remain the key consumer interest, Jobs added. He said that the partnership with Hewlett Packard (HPQ) on the iPod proved to be an excellent venture. Alwaleed is also an investor in HPQ.
He also has substantial stake in Apple Computers Incorporated."

Der MacObserver bewertet den Microsoft-Disney Deal:

"For Apple, the alliance between Disney and Microsoft is not good news. Analysts believe the Disney/Microsoft pact as a clear signal that a format war in both the audio and video arenas is under way. The key, analysts believe, is that Apple must now form similar relationships with other content makers and also reconsider licensing its DRM technology, know as FairPlay, for use in both audio and video."

Kommentarlos, aber erheitert:
"Deshalb erscheint es auch nur auf den ersten Blick erstaunlich, dass auf dem Stand von Intel in diesem Jahr Theater gespielt wird: "Auf diese Weise wollen wir den Leuten klar machen, was ihnen die Digitalisierung ihres Zuhauses bringt", erklärt Hans-Jürgen Werner, Pressesprecher bei Intel Deutschland in Feldkirchen bei München." Bei heise.

Ein Mac-User kolumniert beim MacObserver über MyDoom:

"What's worse is that I get e-mails from my PC using friends berating me for sending them a virus. Of course, I didn't send them a virus, but it looks like I sent them one. Most of them realize that I wasn't the culprit after I explain the situation to them, but one guy thinks I did it just to spite him. He claims that I'm jealous of his super-fast PC and the games he can play on it. I'm not, of course, but he has always made disparaging remarks about my Cube, so I told him that I did, indeed, send him the virus.
He's not speaking to me anymore, which is what I was hoping for."

Kleiner Blick hinter die Kulissen der Firefox Icongestaltung bei Acts of Volition:

"Our tasks is to improve the quality and consistency of the visual elements of the Mozilla products. Icons/logos, default themes, and other visual aspects of the software are all on our radar."

Der MacObserver bietet wieder nette Apple Geschichtsstunde aus der zweiten Februarwoche:

1997: Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO and best friend of Steve Jobs, admits he and Steve plotted to launch a hostile takeover of Apple.

1998: John Thompson, vice chairman at Heidrick & Struggles, the company looking for a "permanent" CEO for Apple with the help of "iCEO" Steve Jobs, told Bloomberg that the search had ben narrowed to fewer than five candidates. Of course, Steve Jobs himself ended up taking on that permanent role. That same week, the International Standards Organization (ISO) announces that QuickTime had been accepted as the basis for MPEG-4. In Europe, Apple exec Diego Piacentini tells Reuters that Apple's european operations were "concerned" about the lack of a sub-US$1,000 Mac model.

Hm. Das Macintosh Quartett.
(via MacGuardians)

"Hypertransport 2.0 is capable of transfering up to 22.4 gigabytes/second while the current incarnation of Hypertransport maxes out at 12.8 gigabytes a second.

Apple has recently adopted Hypertransport for their PowerMac G5 interconnects. Meanwhile, companies may start using the new technology beginning late 2004, according to CNet:
Cavalli would not comment on when companies will come out with products, but sources indicate that products could start coming out toward the end of the year." Mehr bei Mac Rumors.

'Hands on: Implementing OS X 10.3 (Panther) Server' in der Computerworld:

"In upcoming articles, I will detail the process I went through, from hardware setup, desktop build and deployment, and server configuration to backup implementation. And I plan to spell out the good, the great, the unchanged and the downright bad parts in Apple's latest release of its OS X server software. Some of this might apply to your environment, some will be overkill, and some of you will think my environment is more like a small business than a large enterprise. But I have tried to design the system from an enterprise perspective, taking into account future growth and the need for distributing administration while retaining control."

Außerdem Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
02/10 William Allen White born, 1868

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iPod Liebe und Hass

Während sich der iPod mehr und mehr zum Massenphänomen entwickelt (zumindest in USA/UK), werden weitere maximal konträre Aritkel folgen.

So heute im Telegraph UK:
"I hate iPods. I mean, I really, really hate them. There, I've said it. My feelings towards Apple's oh-so-clever digital music player have left me feeling ostracised and hopelessly out of the loop.
Every time I slip the latest CD into my Walkman (£35), part of me wonders if I'm a freak for thinking that £400 is too much to spend on a portable music player. Am I culturally impoverished for failing to understand why it's essential to have 10,000 songs in my back pocket when I pop out for a pint of milk? Am I the only person who doesn't get over-excited by the sleek, minimalist design (a "touch wheel", how clever)?"

Hingegen bei The Village Voice:
"A final element in the iPod paradox: No one throws "Personal MP3 Player Parties," and people with Nomads or Rios tend not to make eyes at each other on the subway. While the content of your iPod is deeply revealing, iPod ownership in itself tells the world something about you. Even aside from the white earbuds, an iPod is a gorgeous creature: Sleek and seamless, it looks nothing like the Walkman or Discman of old. It does, however, look like many other Apple products, which tend to be fetish items among design fans. In fact, it may be that the iPod is the highest-selling Mac item because it gets the most street exposure. If people regularly used their G4s or iBooks on the sidewalk, those items might also escape the cult of Mac and become coveted by the mainstream. Since iPods are both publicly used and easy to spot, they have become shorthand for a certain kind of cool that can only be achieved by purchasing an iPod of your own—in other words, they sell themselves."

Kommentar Metafilter:
"Pro and con arguments about the iPod. The Pro argument: It changes our relationship to music. It creates an in-group marked by instantly recognizable white earbuds. The Con argument: It changes our relationship to music. It creates an in-group marked by instantly recognizable white earbuds."

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Nein, es wird kein iLife für Windows geben (wirklich nicht)

Reihenweise Artikel haben es in letzter Zeit wieder und wieder ausgepackt: Warum Apple denn iLife nicht auf Windows portieren würde, es wäre doch so schön/sinnvoll/genial/usw.
Fred Anderson sagte bereits bem letzten Conference Call klipp und klar, dass es neben iTunes keine weiteren iApplikationen für Windows geben werde. Wem das nicht reicht, der kann gerne zusätzlich bei Australian IT nachlesen:

'Sorry Windows folk: it just won't happen, even though one of the five software applications that make up iLife - the iTunes music finder and player - is available for both Mac and Windows. Apple applications marketing vice-president Rob Schouten explained why the day after the late-night session.
"The magic of the Macintosh is in its software - it's our major differentiator from the Windows experience. So there will be no Windows version of iLife," he said.'

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