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Frédéric Latour erklärt ausführlichst alles zu Drag&Drop in Finder und Dock:

"Drag and drop obviously feels like a natural way to do things, yet we don't know every time when we can use it on a computer. Some might think that drag and drop only is for beginners, but I bet you will be surprised by some tips you'll find here (I hope at least !) I'll try to make an in depth review of the subject, and highlight what I consider to be one of the greatest strength of Mac OS. This review will also cover basis of File management and some essential features found in the Finder and the Dock, but ending with more advanced tips."

Gene Steinberg schreibt bei USA Today über AppleScript:

"The first nice thing about AppleScript is that you don't have to buy anything extra to get a copy; it's been a part of the Mac operating system for years. And Apple's stuck with their commitment to the programming language over the years: Mac OS X (news - web sites) 10.3 Panther offers a bigger, badder version than ever before."

SFGate.com über Steve Jobs als König des Digitalen:

"Go back to the early '90s, and people were talking breathlessly about digital convergence, about Hollywood and Silicon Valley (coming) together. But what's been absolutely fascinating is that Steve Jobs is virtually alone (as someone) who has a deep credibility in Silicon Valley and deep admiration in Hollywood,'' said Paul Saffo, director of the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto."

heise meldet:

" Microsoft und Disney wollen gemeinsam "digital media content and delivery systems " entwickeln. Das berichtet das Wall Street Journal in seiner aktuellen Ausgabe. Unter anderem sollen Kopierschutzsysteme für HD DVDs entwickelt werden. Außerdem soll Disney das DRM-System von Microsofts Windows Media lizenziert haben."

Bei den MacGuardians wird entsprechend kommentiert/spekuliert:

"Sollte Cupertino von diesen Disney-Intentionen, die ja wohl nicht erst seit gestern bestehen können, etwas gewusst haben? Hat Steve Jobs unter anderem deswegen endgültig die Disney-Connection gekappt?"

Wired berichtet mit zahlreichen Links versehen über GarageBand:

"The amount of creative energy that GarageBand is creating is staggering," said musician and producer Chris Bell. "Apple has created a monster.... As a pro musician/producer, I love this app. It puts the fun back into creating. I'm amazed."
GarageBand isn't the first software of its kind, but it has been praised for being easy to use. Any all-thumbs nimrod can have hours of fun living out American Idol fantasies, and sometimes the results are worth sharing."

Ebenso bei Wired, wie die Musikindustrie mit einem Werbespot über Stromausfälle punkten will:

"The television ad, to debut during Sunday night's Grammy broadcast, depicts a teenager downloading a song from the Internet while a crowd dances inside a nightclub.
When the teen completes transferring the song file to her computer, the music and the lights at the club suddenly turn off, leaving clubgoers confused over who pulled the plug on their fun. The ad closes on the Web address for the organization's information site."
Mehr zu dieser 'information site' bei wirres.

Mozilla Firebird heißt nun Firefox und ist in Version 0.8 zu bekommen (der Download ist zumindest bei mir momentan entsetzlich kläglich).

Tipps für (Passwort-)Vergessliche bei macmerc.

"teleport is a simple utility to let you use one single mouse and keyboard to control several of your Macs.
Simply reach the edge of your screen, and your mouse teleports to your other Mac! The pasteboard can even be synchronized between the computers."
(via A Dane in Luxembourg)

Außerdem Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
02/09 George Hartmann born, 1489, designed astrolabes, timepieces, etc.

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Viagra schlägt iTunes

Bei CNN.com:
"If online traffic suggests a successful Super Bowl commercial, though, no ad topped erectile dysfunction drug Cialis, as traffic to Cialis.com scored an 1,868 percent increase for the day. Apple iTunes, which advertised that it was partnering with Pepsi to give away 100 million free songs, was second with a 593 percent increase to its site.
Percentage increases are determined by taking the average of the four Sundays leading to the Super Bowl and comparing that number with traffic on Super Bowl Sunday."
Daran gemessen, dürfte man den lahmen Pepsi-iTunes Spot durchaus als erfolgreich ansehen, leider bekommt man keine genaueren Zugriffszahlen geliefert.

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Gerüchte und Bilder zum Sony Ericsson T650 (UPDATE)

Update 09. Mai 2007: Informationen zum gerade vorgestellten T650i (und P1i) finden sich hier im fscklog.

Update 08.03.2004
: Bilder und Informationen entfernt. We hereby notify and inform you that the video as such and the information contained in the video do constitute business secrets of Sony Ericsson. We additionally inform you that the video has only been published by violating secrecy and non-disclosure agreements. This means that any further disclosure of such video is illegal and represents unfair competition. In addition to that the video is under copyright protection and Sony Ericsson does not wanted it to be further spread. Angeblich stellt SE morgen offiziell neue Geräte vor. Update 09.03.04: Now officially launched: Sony Ericsson K700 (aka T650) and S700, nice!

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'So, yes, sex sells, but so can music.'

Die NYT hat zwei schöne sonntägliche Artikel zu bieten. Der erste beleuchtet den Umgang der Pornoindustrie mit Copyright Vergehen im direkten Vergleich mit dem der Musik-/Filmindustrie:

"And the pornography industry, which has always been among the first to exploit new technologies, including the VCR, the World Wide Web and online payment systems, is finding novel ways to deal with the threat of online piracy as well. The mainstream entertainment industry, some experts say, would do well to pay attention.
Music executives say their campaign of lawsuits has been successful. They say they have spread the word that downloading free music infringes on copyrights and that there could be consequences for large-scale file sharers.
But the pornography industry has been dealing with Internet copyright issues since the 1980's. By comparison, the movie and music businesses are relative newcomers. Mr. Hymes said companies in his industry had come to realize that suing consumers and promoting "draconian laws" were not the answer. "No law written can stem the tide," he said. And so, he said, companies are seeking ways to live with the technologies that threaten them and are trying to turn them to their advantage."

Der zweite portraitiert etliche (überwiegend europäische: 'Mario, a k a Second Part to Hell, Austrian virus writer') Viren-Autoren:

"But worm authors are hardly absolved of blame. By putting their code freely on the Web, virus writers essentially dangle temptation in front of every disgruntled teenager who goes online looking for a way to rebel. A cynic might say that malware authors rely on clueless script kiddies the same way that a drug dealer uses 13-year-olds to carry illegal goods -- passing the liability off to a hapless mule."

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