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Gesammelte Reaktionen zu Intel inside Apple

Das WSJ (zitiert bei Paul Thurrott) erneuert seine eigenen Vorhersagen/Quellen und bestätigt CNETs freitägliche Aussagen:

"Apple Computer Inc. is expected to announce Monday that it will begin shifting its Macintosh computer line next year to Intel Corp. chips, people familiar with the situation said."

CNET legt ebenfalls nach und streut noch etwas 'portable video' hinzu:

"Cooperation between the two companies could also finally make the portable video player a success. Apple has been working with Taiwanese contract manufacturers for the last year on a portable video player. Intel has designed several of these units, which later got sold by outfits like Sonicblue. Right now, however, sources have not said Apple and Intel are working on these products. Instead, they have said Apple will adopt Intel chips in its PCs."

Om Malik erwartet zuerst Apple Notebooks mit Intel Chips und gibt eine interessante Einschätzung zur Situation:

"It is a Machiavellian move, directed to rattle the Rajahs of Redmond. It is a subtle message - all things equal, Apple OS is much better than Microsoft’s Windows and the market place will prove it. You might think it is bit of conjecture, but look at the reality of the situation. Now Apple can get Intel’s marketing subsidies.[...] That leaves the platform - Windows XP versus OS-X! Insecure versus Secure! Work versus Fun! Bill versus Steve!"

MacRumors liefert einen Rückblick auf die jahrelangen 'Macs mit Intel-Chips'-Gerüchte:

"The most striking aspect is the origination of rumors from more traditional news sources (CNet and the Wall Street Journal). In the hierarchy of rumor sources, these news sites are traditionally more accurate as they tend to be more selective about their stories than dedicated rumor sites. As a result, the likelihood that these rumors are true is high."

The Inquirer wirft zusätzlich zu Intel noch AMD in den Raum:

"The rumoured Apple move to x86 is true, the INQIORER [sic!] has gotten independent confirmation of this. Prior to publication of this, sources had told the INQ that a switch was in the works. More importantly, they also said that Apple was playing the AMD card at full force, so don't be too surprised if a green logo shows up on some models."


"Make no mistake. This is a real story and I've gotten confirmation from people who know. I can't say more, though, cause I don't want Apple to sue me to find out my sources."

Glenn Fleishman:

"I'm still dubious. My gut tells me that this is Steve Jobs's greatest revenge on the folks running rumor sites and that this information was seeded to unreliable insiders who then blabbed. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some firings based on this and that Jobs gets up at WWDC and announces a stronger partnership with IBM."

John Gruber:

"Either Apple is going to announce the biggest hardware transition in company history (and, arguably, industry history), or, two well-respected news organizations have committed enormous blunders."

Jason Kottke:

"Everyone's assuming that "switching to Intel chips" meant x86 chips (found in most common desktop computers), but what if they're going to be manufacturing the PowerPC chips (or almost-compatible ones) that OS X already runs on?"

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