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MacOrama für den 21. Oktober 2005

MacOramaiLounge bietet seinen großen iPod+video-Test: "For instance, as a digital music player, it is unquestionably superior to each of its full-sized predecessors, but it also drops support for certain top-mounted accessories that have become extremely popular. Similarly, it is even better at displaying photographs than last year's iPod photo, but remains slow at direct-from-camera photo transfers, and drops compatibility with two of the iPod's three bottom-mounting photo add-ons. And as a movie player, it is several major steps shy of what video fans have been hoping for. Yet for new iPod buyers and mainstream consumers - people who were willing to line up by the millions to buy a $299 20GB iPod last month with lesser specifications, it is a better value in almost every way than before."

Kodawarisan haben den neuen iMac auseinandergenommen.

Angebliche Details zum Finder von 10.5 bei macosxrumors: "According to the sources, Apple will entirely re-design the Finder in its next major Mac OS X update. The new version of the Finder, code-named “Chardonnay” (like the wine), will be totally based on the Spotlight meta-search technology which was introduced earlier this year with Tiger."

AP: "Microsoft Corp., already under government scrutiny over its behavior toward competitors, told manufacturers of iPod-like portable audio devices that under a new marketing program they would not be allowed to distribute rivals' music player software but pulled back after one company protested. "

Der iTrip für den iPod nano dürfte nett geworden sein.

Pro Application Support 3.1, 6,1 MB: "This update improves general user interface reliability for Apple’s professional applications."

Das unverzichtbare Webseiten-Screenshot-Tool Paparazzi! bringt in Version 0.3 u.a. die Möglichkeit als PDF zu speichern sowie ein praktisches Bookmarklet. Change Log.

Im TV-Programm-Widget Fernsehen 1.5 lassen sich nun gewünschte Kanäle besser verwalten, das (Fernseh-)Pogramm der kommenden Tage in den Cache packen (und damit auch offline betrachte) und es finden sich etliche weitere Detailverbesserungen.

Flock ist nun öffentlich testbar testzufahren, allerdings noch in einer recht rauen Developer Preview.

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