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Erste Reaktionen auf Jobs DRM-Betrachtungen [Update_2]

Erste Reaktionen zu Jobs DRM-Artikel trudeln ein. So äußerte sich ein norwegischer Verbraucherschützer gegenüber MacNN: «Our concern is of course that it's Apple and [the] iTunes Music Store [that] should be addressing the issue of record companies and DRM themselves if it needs to be addressed - and as we've stated earlier it's iTunes Music Store that's providing a service to the consumers and therefore has the responsibility to offer up a consumer friendly product."» Aus Kreisen der Musikindustrie gab es nur eine anonyme Anmerkung zu Reuters: «"How can you be in the digital business of content and say you're not going to protect it? So is the film and TV industry looking at doing this? I can guarantee you they're not."» Der Zune-Marketing-Chef klassifiziert Jobs Vorstoß gar als "unverantwortlich". «DRM is not necessarily the bad guy,» sagte er gegenüber CNET. «DRM enables a lot of cool scenarios like subscription music. If you didn't have DRM, those wouldn't be possible.»
Update: John Markoff konnte der RIAA für die NYT einen Kommentar entlocken: «Apple’s offer to license FairPlay to other technology companies is a welcome breakthrough and would be a real victory for fans, artists and labels.”»
Update_2: «Bloggers, tech execs and some musicians jumped in to side with Jobs. "I see 2% of DRM as protecting copyright and 98% annoying consumers," music artist Moby said. RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser said he "gave a speech on this exact topic advocating this exact position ... two weeks ago."» USA Today.

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