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Adobe und Apple geradewegs verheiratet

In einem CNEt Interview mit Adobes CEO Bruce Chizen über die firmeneigene PDF-Strategie plaudert dieser auch fröhlich über die Beziehung zu Apple:
"There's been some back-and-forth between you and Apple Computer recently--what's the state of that relationship?
Our relationship with Apple is a great one. My relationship with Steve Jobs continues to be extremely strong--we communicate on a regular basis. Where we compete, we've agreed to compete. Where we partner, we partner aggressively.
Even though Apple's cut you out of some markets?
Even though it's cutting us out of some markets, yes. At the end of the day, we both have a vested interest in doing what's right for the creative professional customer. Our relationship with Apple is like a relationship in any marriage, good or bad. It's an important relationship for both of us to maintain and make stronger, knowing that there are differences."

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