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Inside Panther: Reader requests and questions, part two

Wieder schön die Zeit überbrücken bis zum X.3 Starttermin (hoffentlich wirklich irgendwann im Oktober) lässt es sich heute mit Think Secret "Reader requests and questions, part two"

Darin unter anderem besonders interessant: "Is the "all-new" Finder now multithreaded? Is it written in Cocoa? The new Finder is still Carbon, but it's worth noting that it's a Mach-O binary. Mach-O binaries are native to the Darwin core, and while all Cocoa applications are Mach-O, only some Carbon applications are. With regard to programming and structure, there's little new in Panther's Finder, and in terms of multithreading, it's no more multithreaded than Jaguar's."

"When working in a Mac-PC-Linux network, does Panther still spread invisible .dstore files in all directories that are visited? Luckily, Panther seems to have dropped them."

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