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Interview mit dem LaunchBar Entwickler

Es gibt sicher kaum eine Shareware für OS X, die ein solch absolutes Pflichtprogramm darstellt wie LaunchBar. Per Tastenkürzel und Eingabe der Anfangsbuchstaben lassen sich so innerhalb von Sekunden Programme, Dokumente, Ordner (oder was auch immer) finden und öffnen. Man muss es tatsächlich gesehen und getestet haben, um sich vorzustellen zu können, wie genial das Programm wirklich ist. Abgesehen von all der Lobhudelei gibt es bei O'Reilly ein nettes Interview mit Norbert Heger, dem Entwickler von LaunchBar, der sich unter anderem zu den Fortschritten von OS X äußert:
"In 1996/1997, when Apple acquired NeXT -- or was it the other way round? ;-) -- I've been thrilled when it became clear that the next generation of the Mac operating system would be based on NeXT technology.
The very first developer previews of the new OS (a.k.a. Rhapsody) as well as the first publicly available version (Mac OS X Server 1.x) left us with some mixed feelings, though. It became pretty obvious that there were quite a lot of problems to be solved. Especially, how would it be possible (with reasonable efforts) to bring existing Mac OS 9 applications to this entirely new environment?
But finally, Apple made the impossible possible. They managed to combine a powerful and complex Unix operating system with a beautiful and easy-to-use graphical user interface. They provided the Carbon libraries side by side with the Cocoa frameworks allowing developers to port their existing code, as well as writing new applications using the API of their choice. And not to forget the integration of the Classic environment -- this has been a masterpiece of software engineering."

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