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All about iTunes (Update)

Kaum einer zweifelt noch an einer Vorstellung des iTMS für Windows am kommenden Donnerstag (16.10.; siehe auch letzte Gerüchte bei mir verlinkt).
Weitere Berichte dazu unter anderem bei CNEt und den macguardians.

Passend dazu gibt es vage Gerüchte über iTunes 5 sowie iPod Peripherie: "An unverified but unusually detailed submission claims that iTunes 5 will be introduced on October 16th, and will be both Mac and PC compatible. New features are said to include WMA support, music store "listener loans", new encoding options and an all new interface. New iPod accessories are said to include a recording device, a new dock to transfer and view movies and photos on a television and a bluetooth dock/headphone pair. Meanwhile, a second (more reliable) report claims that beyond the recording device, there will be an adapter to provide SD and CF card interface to transfer photos to the iPod... possibly validating some information in the above report."

Die iPod-Spots scheinen ausgebaut zu werden: "Meanwhile, one whisper tells us to pay attention to one of the next episodes of Friends for the next iPod ad... which is described as a bit more "rockin'". Und zusätzlich: "According to new reliable reports, Apple is planning both print and television advertisements for the upcoming iTunes Music Store for Windows. These new ads are targeted to be deployed around the holidays. This may be a part of a larger campaign, as a CNet report had previously hinted that Apple was planning a "major consumer advertising campaign" in the same timeframe."

Noch mehr Gerüchte bei macdailynews: "WMA support in iPod? Anything possible, but this one ranks low. Although if it happens, it would prove that Apple's number one priority in the music arena is selling iPods, not controlling the distribution/format (AAC with Fairplay DRM), where profit margins aren't as great as hardware currently. iPods with WMA support would be compatible with music purchased (rented?) from the likes of BuyMusic, MusicMatch, Napster 2.0, etc." und "New encoding options. We have one unconfirmed source on a related topic: AAC files may at some future date be available via the iTunes Music Store in a choice of Bit Rates, including the current "good" 128 kbps, a new "better" 160 kbps choice, and a new "best" 192 kbps choice. There is also a "higher degree of probability" that Apple will not be offering a choice, but rather bumping the whole library up from 128 kbps to their new "high quality" standard of 192 kbps".

Derweil findet sich in der Forbes eine relativ unaussagekräftige Studie über die Markenbekanntheit von Napster im Vergleich zum iTMS: "One study by U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster found that better than 92% of 200 consumers surveyed had heard of Napster, while 15% had heard of RealNetwork's Rhapsody, and 30% had heard of Apple Computer's iTunes Music Store". Wenn diese angeblichen 92% nun allerdings Napster als den kostenlosen 'Musikrunterlad-Spaß' wahrnehmen, der es einst war, garantiert dies noch lange keinen erfolgreichen Geschäftsstart, ganz im Gegensatz zum iTMS, der von vorneherein als Bezahlmodell in den Köpfen der Konsumenten verankert ist.

Ein weiterer wichtiger und fast unbemerkter Aspekt des iTMS für Windows bei What Do I Know: "While a lot of people have focused on the iTunes Music Store, the ever-increasingly-crowded digital music marketplace, and Apple’s revenue from the new venture, what most Windows people I know will immediately care about is feeling (at long last) the total, integrated experience of using their iPod with iTunes, like OS X users have for quite a while, instead of using a third-party application."

Außerdem zum Zeitvertreib: Smart Playlists.com. "This new website is a resource for creating, sharing, and chatting about iTunes' Smart Playlists. Why? Because they're cool and there are many ingenious ways to use them to keep your music fresh."

Update (Sonntag; 12.10): Das erste Independent Label, welches zahlreiche der eigenen Tracks per iTMS verkauft, ist Matador Records: "Matador Records' bands include Interpol, Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, Stephen Malkmus, Mogwai, Guided By Voices, Pretty Girls Make Graves amongst many others, including The New Pornographers (not yet available on iTMS). Matador also hopes to also make exclusive materials available to the iTunes Music Store in the future." Nachzulesen bei macrumors. Sowohl die Angabe der 200.000 Titel, über die der iTMS startweise verfügte, wie auch die 10 Millionen Downloads werden inzwischen schon längst überholte Zahlen sein, aber auch dazu werden wir sicherlich mehr am kommenden Donnerstag erfahren.

"The commerce element, coupled with the fact that Apple -- and not the likes of a Virgin Megastore or Tower Records -- is hosting the event, is expanding the scope and ambition of the in-store concept. "This is an opportunity to have a promotional event, do marketing and advertising for it, and on top of that, we get the opportunity to monetize the content associated with it," Island Def Jam new-media chief Larry Mattera says." "For Apple, such promotions are a way to drive traffic to its stores -- which sell Apple computers and iPods -- and pick up exclusive content for iTunes." Live from the Apple Store bei boston.com.

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