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Berichte und Gerüchteküche

Gab es eine 'Home on iPod' Feature, welches eigentlich in 10.3 gelangen sollte? Näheres bei macrumors.
Mehr Details aus einem alten eWeek Artikel:
"one proposed feature will let users take home directories they've saved on peripherals and networks and use them for file access or securely log into a Mac running Panther."

Apple Insider sagt neue Apple TFTs vorher: "According to reliable sources, Apple is once again poised to refresh its display offerings. Expected to make their debut along with other Apple hardware offerings in November, the display line will include a new 30" High-Definition (HD) display, sources said. The product line will retain 20" and 23" HD models, but will reportedly shed its 17" counterpart. Along with USB 2.0 ports, stunning color, and faster refresh rates, the new displays will sport an aluminum motif consisting of less body and more screen, sources said. The units will reportedly feature improvements to their versatility and weigh much less than the current models." Mehr dazu auch bei macrumors.

SideTrack wird auch begeistert bei macosxhints besprochen: "While we can't do anything about the physical one-button nature of our Mac laptops, SideTrack will let you take care of the programmability aspect. SideTrack is a replacement trackpad driver (though the original mouse/trackpad driver is not uninstalled!) for OS X laptops -- it's not a hack or system tweak, so there's not as much fear of tweak-related instability. Installation is a simple double-click and a restart, after which you'll find a new SideTrack item in the Other section of the System Preferences application. Activate the panel, and you'll find settings for the functionality of the trackpad button, tapping on the trackpad, creating vertical and horizontal scroll areas (location and size), and scroll speed. Use the pop-ups to set things to your liking, and then just start enjoying the new functionality. Once nice touch is that the preferences are multi-user aware, so you can have different settings for everyone that uses your laptop."

Chaosmint versucht den Unterschied zwischen Panther Single User sowie dem Family Pack klarzumachen.

Aus reiner Sentimentalität Mac OS 10.0 hatte Build 4K78.

John Siracusa liefert bei Ars.technica einen unglaublich ausführlichen Bericht über sein neues 15" Albook ab (sogar inklusive kleiner PowerBook Geschichtsstunde).

Bei O'Reilly setzt man sich mit Möglichkeiten der Bildervorschau auseinander: "Mac OS X provides you with some handy builtin tools for photo previewing. And there are also a couple of free third-party utilities that enhance this process even more. So let's get to work and see what tools are available and how to use them."

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