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Bei smh.com.au findet sich ein Bericht über den 'heimlichen' Erfolg von QuickTime:
"It may be the most ubiquitous software on the planet. The numbers marking the progress of this ever-evolving technology are awesome.
QuickTime is in its sixth incarnation and still being downloaded 350,000 times a day. In the 14 months since the introduction of QuickTime 6.0, Apple has given it away 141,325,656 times - plus the 2 million or so more that have been downloaded since the time of writing.
How many times it has been downloaded since the advent of QuickTime 1 in 1991, I have no idea; possibly trillions."

Es gibt nun auch neue TVspots zum iPod. (via macrumors)

Alte Fehler, frisch eingestanden: 'Sculley claims,"That's probably one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made, not going to the Intel platform". Mehr bei maccentral.

Bei siliconvalley.internet.com hält man Apple mit 10.3 bestens für firmentauglich: "Wilcox noted that while in the previous version of Mac OS X, 'Jaguar,' the new features and enhancements were readily obvious to the end-user, many of Panther's improvements are below the surface, but more significant, especially the improvements to the way it interacts with Windows and UNIX machines. "I think, definitely, this could at least help Apple stay in the running with other enterprise software, and if you look at the broader strategy, one of Apple's long-term goals with the server, and also with the desktop, is UNIX conversion," Wilcox said. "The company knows that there are many shops where Macs run alongside UNIX servers."

Eine nahezu philosophische Abhandlung über Schlaf vs. Tiefschlaf findet sich in der Knowledge Base.

Bei sunspot.net setzt sich David Zeiler mit der Frage auseinander, ob Apple nicht auch eine Media Center Software in MS Art (bei mir verlinkt) entwickeln sollte: "Perhaps the fertile minds in Cupertino have deemed a Mac version of the Media Center PC too risky. After all, although the Windows version hasn't flopped, neither has it become a mainstream product." Und visioniert dann etwas: "Such a hybrid device, at a cost preferably under $500, would not be a standalone Mac, but rather a bridge between the entertainment center and the Mac. The key would be the use of Apple's Airport Extreme wireless technology to link what I'll call the MediaStation – to one or more remote Macs."

iCal 1.5 und iSync 1.2 sollten zusammen installiert werden: "If you are using iSync to synchronize your iCal information across computers or devices, you need to upgrade to iSync 1.2 in order to properly enable data synchronization. iCal 1.5 will not work with a previous version of iSync. All Macintosh computers that are synchronized should be updated to iCal 1.5 and iSync 1.2 at the same time."

Außerdem spannendes aus dem Terminal - heute: 10/09 First two-way telephone conversation, 1876 (Anleitung zur Selbstinformation).

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