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Interview mit Jon Rubinstein (Chef-Hardware-Entwickler bei Apple) in der c't, darin äußert er sich unter anderem nochmals zu den vieldiskutierten G5 Benchmarks:
"Die Leute haben sich daran gestoßen, dass wir behauptet haben, wir hätten die schnellste Maschine. Ganz gleich, was wir gemacht hätten, die Leute hätten sich daran gestört. Wir wollten den fairsten Vergleich, um direkt Maschine zu Maschine zu vergleichen. Alles ist Open Source, sodass man sehen kann, was wir gemacht haben. Wir haben White-Papers veröffentlicht, um zu dokumentieren, wie getestet wurde und die Messung wurde von unabhängiger Seite gemacht. Wir waren da offener als alle anderen, niemand sonst veröffentlicht das alles. [Pause] Benchmarking ist eine der Sachen, mit denen man niemanden glücklich macht, egal was man tut."

Bei Mac.Ars wird die Auswirkung von MusicMatch auf den iTMS für Windows untersucht: "First of all, iTMS exists primarily to build Apple brand awareness and more importantly, sell iPods. After covering bandwidth and labor costs and giving the recording industry its share, there's not an overwhelming amount of profit left over. It is a money-maker, but by no means one of Apple's primary revenue sources. It does create buzz -- being the first service of its kind, there was a tremendous amount of press and other positive publicity for Apple, and more importantly, sells Macs and iPods. Indeed, given that selling iPods is Apple's primary reason for being in the online music business, what does it need to do -- if anything -- to counter MusicMatch's entry? The biggest debate in Mac circles right now is whether the iPod should offer support for file formats other than AAC and MP3. MusicMatch files are WMA, which can be played on most MP3 players, albeit not the one with market dominance, the iPod. The are essentially two options for Apple: either enable iPods to play WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and other file types so that they don't become marginalized in the Windows market, or stay the present course and concentrate on getting iTMS for Windows out the door.

The Register hat einen schönen und recht ausführlichen Meinungsartikel zum Mythos 'security through obscurity': "Security is, as we all know, a process, not a product. So when you use Linux, you're not using a perfectly safe OS. There is no such thing. But Linux and Mac OS X establish a more secure footing than Microsoft Windows, one that makes it far harder for viruses to take hold in the first place, but if one does take hold, harder to damage the system, but if one succeeds in damaging the system, harder to spread to other machines and repeat the process. When it comes to email-borne viruses and worms, Linux may not be completely immune - after all, nothing is immune to human gullibility and stupidity - but it is much more resistant."

Bei my two cents wird breit erläutert wo "die Vorteile eines Mac mit OS X gegenüber Linux/*BSD auf einem i386 – oder mittlerweile in greifbarer Nähe IA64" liegen. (via bronski.net)

macrumors gibt sich zunehmend überzeugt, dass X.3 in der letzten Oktoberwoche offiziell erscheint.

Ein wenig mehr zu der gerüchteten iPod Peripherie bei Think Secret: "One source explains that Apple is ironing out some issues with the next update to the iPod firmware, iPod Software 2.1. As soon as that update is ready, the company will reportedly announce the new peripherals. While Apple had indeed hoped to release the accessories in Paris, the software issues made such a release impossible. Separately, another source says that iPod recording is still coming, but is being held up due to a software issue -- likely connected to the iPod Software 2.1 delay."

Tipps&Tricks&Kleinteile: iTunes Music Store Europe - May 2004? 130.000 Notebooks, Bestellung geht entweder an Apple oder Dell... Use Preview to save pictures from the clipboard in any format. Motorola will seine Halbleiter-Sparte ausgliedern. Bei falschen Preisen im Internet kein Anspruch auf Lieferung. How do the slots in the Power Mac G5 cope with PCI/PCI-X cards of different speeds? Back up user prefs 3.02 (Freeware)

Außerdem spannendes aus dem Terminal - heute: 10/06 Antioch College is the first public school to admit men and women, 1853 (Anleitung zur Selbstinformation).

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