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Man freut sich an Apple

In den CBS News freut man sich über so ziemlich alles, was Apple momentan zu bieten hat:
"This is the most powerful Apple ever, with a 5th generation Power PC processor made by IBM running at speeds of up to 2.0 gigahertz. Now before PC-philes get into the whole “megahertz” debate, remember, these are not the same chips that are powering Windows computers, so comparing the two is like comparing apples and, yes, oranges. This translates into performance that smokes the Wintel competition, easily handling computationally challenging programs, such as video editing, DVD creation, etc."
"As for new software from our (Steve) Jobsian friends, iChat is the latest attempt at two way videoconferencing. Well, more than an attempt, this video conferencing technology is clean, works clearly, and seamlessly allows two way chats in near-television-quality over a broadband internet connection."

Und auch in den Mercury News zeigt man sich begeistert: "Having Apple Computer's new Power Mac G5 around the office is like having a superhero assistant."

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