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Mehr Gerüchte zum iTMS für Windows

"According to reliable sources, Apple plans to host a media event at the Moscone West Facility in San Francisco on Thursday, October 16th. Invites to the event are set to be delivered to select members of the media this week.
"The year's biggest music story is about to get even bigger," the invitations read, in part.
Numerous sources have recently pointed to a mid-October release for the Windows compatible version of the company's iTunes software and online music store. However, additional surprises could be in store."
Das gibt zumindest Apple Insider zum besten, mehr Informationen finden sich auch bei macminute und macrumors.
Derweil verkündet Wired, dass iPod und Napster 2.0 nicht miteinander klar kommen, was ja nun nicht weiter verwundert:
"The clash between the two big names may not be of concern to Napster because Napster teamed with Samsung to sell a digital media player specifically designed to work with the Napster music service. The product will debut this fall.
And Apple likely feels the same way. Before the end of the year, Apple is launching its competing iTunes music store for Windows, which will sell songs that are compatible with the iPod".

Noch mehr Gemunkel findet sich bei chaosmint: "Mr. Dill noted that Apple's Quicktime Player for Windows briefly gets redirected to a 'no_itms.mov' file when launching the PC application."

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