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Im San Francisco Chronicle freut man sich per Kolumne über die Details, denen Apple sich immer besonders widmet:
"And you open the gorgeous black box and lift the white cardboard inside flap, itself adorned with clean offset typeface declaring "Designed by Apple in California," and you are confronted with what is quite possible the most thoughtfully designed and pleasing packaging you've ever seen, not like you care about this stuff and hey it's all just Styrofoam and garbage anyway, but still."
"This is what Apple does. This is what they are known for and why their design team is so famous and why they win so many awards and why they engender such passionate devotion from their adherents and why Macs are still far, far superior to PCs and always will be. It's true."
Auf jeden Fall gänzlich lesenswert!

In der Business Week (die in letzter Zeit wirklich eine unglaublich Apple-geneigte Berichterstattung an den Tag legen) sieht man ein 'Fenster der Gelegenheit' in dem der Mac wieder in den IT-Unternehmen Fuss fassen könnte: "I believe the Unix workstation users who are buying Macs are small in number and not enough to boost Apple sales on their own. But they're key players -- the same type of people who snuck PCs into the corporate environment under the cover of darkness while their overseers remained wedded to mainframes and other bigger computers. These are the folks who'll soon be making a lot of the buying decisions in IT departments. So they are the future, and they promise a bright one for Apple."

Außerdem spannendes aus dem Terminal - heute: 10/02 Aristotle dies of indigestion, 322 BC (Anleitung zur Selbstinformation).

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