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Heute unter anderem:
Ein übersehenes revolutionäres Feature in Panther
Eine Apple vs. Entwickler Debatte
Eine Firma (Pixar) bewegt sich in Richtung OS X
Ein Apple in China
Ein 15" PowerBook Test
Mehrere Panther, iTMS, iPod Berichte + Tipps&Tricks
Ein Napster 2.0 Review
Sowie ein iPod Diebstahl als CNN-Meldung

Die Details gibt es wie gewohnt beim Weiterlesen...

"Nearly every Mac web site has posted some kind of Panther (X.3) review, and nearly all reviewers have missed the boat. The most revolutionary feature of Panther has been almost universally overlooked."

Das glaubt zumindest Jasyn Jones im MacObserver in einem auf alle Fälle lesenswerten Artikel.

Bei TidBITS.com liefert Adam Engst spannende Beobachtungen zu 10.3, unter anderem:

"Network Browser Done Right -- Despite excellent support for file sharing and networking, Apple has long had terrible interfaces for finding and connecting to network volumes. First the Chooser, then the Network Browser in Mac OS 9 (did anyone really bother with that?), and then the lousy Connect to Server dialog in Mac OS X. Panther finally moves in the right direction, using the previously superfluous Network icon at the top level of Finder windows as the starting point for network browsing for both Mac and Windows shared volumes (quite a number of which seem to be available in the hotel for the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, where I currently am). Select one and click the Connect button that appears to bring up a login dialog and from then on, that volume shows the full file hierarchy underneath."

Wer z.B. unter Jaguar LiteSwitch X in Benutzung hatte und nach dem Update auf Panther zum Wechseln der Anwendungen Command-Tab drückte, fand sich in mehr als gewohnter Umgebung wieder, was die Entwickler von LiteSwitch X veranlasste ein open memo an Apple zu posten:

"There is, however, one issue I must raise. It is regarding a specific feature introduced in Panther. As you are aware, keyboard application switching is significantly improved. What is disappointing is that this "improvement" is a near pixel duplication of a Proteron product, LiteSwitch X. And despite the obvious similarities, Proteron has received no recognition or credit."

In Erinnerung an die Watson-Sherlock Debatte, löste auch diese Anschuldigung weitreichende Kommentare aus, dazu besonders lesenswert Daring Fireball:

"If Caughron (Proteron) were right, that Apple has indeed ripped off an idea from an independent Mac developer, one would expect other independent Mac developers to be up in arms, no? But instead, they’re calling Caughron on his bluster."

Und bei Apple-X.net:

"If Proteron has any common sense whatsoever, they will drop this issue and continue to develop LiteSwitch X and promote it as a better product than what Panther has to offer. And it seems that it's a no-brainer that LiteSwitch X is better: Panther's application switcher doesn't offer nearly as many features as LiteSwitch X does. After the Sherlock 3 debacle, Karelia has decided to continue to enhance Watson and provide more functionality over Sherlock. That's a good move. So if Proteron wants to stay in business, it better follow the same path that Karelia did, instead of complaining without merit."

In der BusinessWeek mag man X.3 ebenfalls:

"Compared to Microsoft's hurry up-and-wait development process, where software-upgrade cycles are now measured in three-year increments, the rapid-fire OS improvements from Apple are refreshing. Panther is sort of like a York Peppermint Patty for your desktop. It's not alienware that turns the whole computing paradigm on its head. Rather, Panther is a familiar, friendly flavor -- only better. I'll buy that for $129, for sure."

Bei Wired berichtet Leander Kahney von seinen erheblich Problemen bei der Panther Installation, kommt dabei allerdings zu folgendem Fazit:

"Luckily, Panther was eventually installed and the files saved. And, I'm delighted to say, so far it's been worth all the pain it caused. Panther is speedy, stable, well-designed and good-looking. It's given new life to the nearly 2-year-old iBook (a 600-MHz G3 with a 14-inch screen)."

Pixar bewegt sich endlich in Richtung OS X, nachzulesen bei MacCentral:

"Before they began thinking about moving to Mac OS X, Benveniste said that the administrators at Pixar first reviewed their existing computer infrastructure. He said that the company was using 375 desktop Macs running Mac OS 9 and around 100 PowerBooks also running Mac OS 9. Pixar also had 500 computers running Linux that were slated to move to Mac OS X. Finally, the company runs about 125 computers running Windows.

Rather than support both the Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X environments, a conscious decision was made at Pixar to solely use Mac OS X once the majority of the software used at the company was OS X native. Benveniste said that the company finished its Mac OS X migration about eight months ago and only a handful of Macs in the company are now running Classic, and then only for specific applications."

Die Seattle Times über iTMS und iPod:

"Microsoft has criticized Apple's iTunes-iPod strategy for being "proprietary" or "closed" — working on a single device, with its own format. That may prove to be a weak argument to users battered by viruses, worms, crashes and reboots in the all-accommodating world of Windows. Faced with dozens of music players to choose from, the average consumer is going to want the one that actually works.

Apple may also be emboldened by Microsoft's antitrust settlement. Significantly, two days after the iTunes rollout, The Times' Brier Dudley reported that the Justice Department and state prosecutors had raised antitrust concerns about Microsoft's handling of music shopping in Windows. The subtext: Microsoft might want to think twice about offering a "Music for Windows" program."

Laut MacCentral will Muze (die Firma, die einen Großteil der Informationen im iTMS bereitstellt) das online-shopping Erlebnis weiter verbessern:

"Muze is also working on merchandising ideas to make online shopping more akin to a "good experience" in a brick-and-mortar store, Zullo said. The company hopes to work with Apple on this, he added.

"We're excited to be working with Apple, because they do things very, very well," Zullo said. "The computing and digital music experience is just a little bit different working on a Mac. For instance, if you objectively look at functionality, it's just more seamless on a Mac."

Ebenso bei MacCentral findet sich ein Blick auf Apple in China:

"Apple is doing better in China these days than in the past, though many problems, as well as opportunities, loom, according to Yan Feng, president of the Beijing Macintosh User Group and Apple User Groups Regional Liaison for Asia (except Japan).

He estimates that Apple has around a 2 percent marketshare in China. Not surprisingly, many of the users are designers and those who work in the publishing and advertising industries.

"But Macs are also used by die-hard Mac addicts, both local and expatriot," Feng told MacCentral. "There is no 'vacuum' of Mac addicts."

Die Chicago Sun-Times berichtet positiv über Panther:

"The next big rev of Windows is still a long ways off. Yet I have no earthly idea if in 2005 they'll be able to produce an OS to match the one that Apple had in 2003."

Reviews zu Napster 2.0, einmal 'voreingenommen' bei Apple-X.net:

"Here's a list of just a few things Napster 2.0 can't do, and that iTunes can:
Import CDs
Get CD track names
Smart Playlists
Convert many sound formats
Play WAVs and AIFFs
Listen to net radio for FREE
On launch searchs for music on your computer
And many more."

und bei 8bit Joystick.com:

"Calling a pay for play music store Napster is like using Chairman Mao to sell two hundred dollar basketball shoes. It is just not doing the brand justice. It has nothing in common with the first Napster except the name. This software has payment and copy usage controls built in from it's DNA."

"Thieves made off with a rapper's jewels and stole a pop star's computer, cell phone and iPod, from their hotel rooms in Las Vegas where they were attending the 2003 Radio Music Awards, police and a spokeswoman said Tuesday. "
Bemerkenswert deutliche Produktnennung, zu finden in einem CNN Artikel über einen Diebstahl bei Rapper Nelly.
(Karl Lagerfeld findet den iPod anscheinend auch 'wunderbar', was allerdings nicht zu dem Schluss führen sollte, dass er mit dem oben genannten Diebstahl auch nur irgendetwas zu tun haben könnte)

In der Macworld findet sich ein Test der 15" PowerBooks:

"The new 15-inch PowerBook G4s are impressive pieces of engineering, with stunningly bright screens, plenty of power, all the right ports, and a solid feel. We hope that by the time you read this, Apple will have worked out the kinks in the consistency of its PowerBooks, so the laptop you receive will be the laptop you love."

Interessante Kleinteile in loser Abfolge:

"Manche Mac OS X 10.3 Panther CDs defekt".

"10.3: Play a movie on the desktop using Exposé".

"10.3: Make Exposé more powerful with Command-Tab".

"10.3: How to correctly extract Panther zip files".

"10.3: Share digital devices via Image Capture" (grandios und ansonsten vollkommen unbekannt bis jetzt!)

"Mac OS X 10.3: Slows or Stops Responding While Using VISE Installer".

Und warum man den IE unter X.3 immer noch mitinstallieren sollte:
"Mac OS to Lose Georgia and Verdana?"

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
10/29 Stock Market Crash, 1929
(So einfach ist das).

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