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Heute unter anderem verlinkt: mac.ars über den Shuttle Mac, was Mac-Anwender über Longhorn wissen müssen, Diskussionen über FileVault, weitere sehr positive Presse über iTunes und Panther und wie man seinen Mac multilingual ausreizt. Die Details gibt es beim Weiterlesen...

Bei mac.ars wünscht man sich einmal mehr den monitorlosen Consumer-Mac:

"The second thing Apple needs to do is build a Shuttle PC. Make that a Shuttle Mac. The idea is not necessarily to rip off the Shuttle wholesale, but to build something comparable: a Mac with a small form factor, a PCI and AGP slot, a 2nd 3.5" HD bay and good looks. Put a 1.25 GHz G4 processor in there, an Airport Extreme Card, a combo drive, an ATI Radeon 9200, some DDR RAM, integrated Firewire 800, gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, and Bluetooth and they're all set. Price it competitively and watch them go flying off the store shelves.

"Psst . . . hey Eric!  They tried that already and called it the G4 Cube."

I'm not talking about another Cube. The Cube was priced much higher than the Shuttle Mac would be, and had no expansion slots (although Cubeowner.com will tell you how to upgrade the stock ATI Rage Pro 128 video card). Building an inexpensive Shuttle Mac would require a change of mindset at Apple. They would need to be willing to sacrifice margins for the sake of market share, something Apple has been reluctant to do for some time. Of course, high margins are integral to Apple's profitability. However, they have winners with the iPod and iTunes Music Store for Windows which should be able to offset enough of the revenue lost by lowering the price on a "Shuttle Mac."

Bei MacSlash ist inzwischen auch eine weitreichende Diskussion zu FileVault ausgebrochen.

In die unglaublich positive Berichterstattung über 10.3 hat sich ebenso Independent.co.uk eingereiht:

"Certainly I've spoken to a number of people inside companies big and small who now think that OSX is very interesting, not least because it lets them control both Windows and Unix systems remotely - and those are the backbone of most businesses."

Bei codepoetry findet sich ein Artikel mit der schönen Überschrift 'What Mac Users Need to Know About Windows Longhorn':

"Longhorn is not evil, and neither is Microsoft. They’ve done some nasty things and anyone who uses XP daily I pity, but as a company they really are trying (the engineers) to make life better for their users. They just had a bad OS to grow on. Hopefully this chance to better their OS will fuel a great new OS war and get both sides cooking again because it’s very easy to tell that by waiting so long they will lose customers to Panther and whatever is next (especially with Panther Server’s limited PDC abilities).
It’s going to be a good OS when it comes out. Until then, we can see what they will release by looking at Panther today."

Auch in der Washington Post freut man sich über das iTunes-iPod Gespann:

"Last, but most important, Apple simply provides a better music program, whose sole (but not surprising) shortfall is its lack of Windows Media compatibility. In iTunes, Apple has accomplished what has eluded the entire PC market -- it's shipped a free, elegant, easy-to-use program that copies CDs in either AAC or MP3 format, offers numerous, thoughtful ways to organize a music library, lets you buy music conveniently, plays back Web radio and burns CDs and even DVDs -- and does it all without turning your desktop into a billboard for other products and services."

Interessant für alle, die mit verschiedenen Sprachen auf dem Mac arbeiten wollen, dürfte 'Unleash your multilingual mac' sein:

"One of the best-kept secrets about MacOS is the built-in support it contains for reading and writing languages beyond English, including ones that use non-Latin scripts and characters. This document explains these capabilities and provides various resources to help users exploit them to the maximum degree possible."
Es werden im Detail 9er und X (inklusive Panther) abgehandelt.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
10/27 The first New York Subway is opened, 1904
(So einfach ist das).

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