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Vor kurzem erst gab es das alljährliche OS X Review von John Siracusa bei Ars.technica. Nun folgt die Meta-Besprechung. John Gruber bei Daring Fireball über Siracusas Review:

"It’s gotten to the point where I don’t know what I look forward to more: Apple’s annual Mac OS X update, or Siracusa’s review of it."

Eine Switcher Geschichte verknüpft mit einer iBook G4 Kurzbesprechung bei OSNews.com:

"My favorite operating system has always been FreeBSD, though. Then came Mac OS X, and I said to myself, "a BSD with the world’s most beautiful GUI, what more could I want?" Despite the urge to get a Mac with OS X, I kept on using my x86 and UltraSPARC hardware..."

Nett anzusehen, das CubeQuarium, aber auch nichts allzu sensationell Neuartiges.
(via MacNN)

Laut MacRumors wird ab kommendem Montag Apple Care auch für den iPod angeboten werden.

Interview mit Richard Kerris, Senior Director of Pro Applications Product Marketing for Apple über die gerade G5 optimierten Pro Apps:

DMN: How is this optimization going to help Final Cut Pro?
Kerris: Users are going to see a big impact. Now, using Final Cut Pro 4.1 they’re going to be able to do things that have never been done on a computer before -- for example, seven simultaneous streams of full-quality, uncompressed SD video, in real time without the use of additional hardware except for a RAID unit to pipe all that data through. But you don’t need external hardware, anything like that. You can deal with seven streams, uncompressed, in real time.
DMN: Without dropping any frames?
Kerris: Without dropping any frames.
DMN: That’s spectacular.
Kerris: That is. Yeah, that’s totally revolutionary.

HP bietet einen eigene 'Mac-connect' Seite, auf der man unter anderem die Produktkompatibilität mit OS X erforschen kann.
(via macnews)

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