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Heute unter anderem:
• neuer iPod Spot
• Austauschakkus für den iPod
• der überfällige Xserve G5
• Fred Anderson hält Vorlesungen
• Belkin iPod MediaReader Review
• 14" iBook G4 Review
• iDisk Einführung
Die Details per Weiterleisen...

Es gibt einen neuen iPod Spot.
Die Liste mit Titel/Interpret aller bis jetzt verwendeten Lieder für die Spots hat MacRumors.

MacRumors berichtet außerdem, dass auch Apple ab demnächst selbst Austauschakkus für den iPod anbieten will.

eWeek.com setzt sich mit dem relativ überfälligen Xserve G5 auseinander:
"One question concerns potential changes to its form factor. Each G5 chip within Apple's desktop systems consumes 97 watts of power, while a G4 chip consumes about 20 watts of heat. This could impact the size of its enclosure.
"The biggest thing will be form factor," RiskWise's Moog said. "In its current state, a 1U G5 Xserve would be difficult but not impossible. I think customers would also accept a 2U or 3U server. It's a reasonable trade against a 1U system, as the density would be comparable."

"Apple products may seem popular now, but a few years ago, the company was in a seemingly disastrous situation. Fred Anderson, Apple’s chief financial officer, explained the story of the company’s returned success to an audience in Hale Auditorium yesterday, focusing on popular innovations in the digital lifestyle, particularly in music.
“People thought we were in a death spiral — they didn’t think we’d make it,” said Anderson, who joined the company in 1996. He served as the premiere speaker in a year-long series sponsored by the Business School’s High-Tech Club. In his speech, which was geared toward business students, he helped explain how a company can reinvent itself and turn profits around, despite many pessimistic predictions from experts." The Michigan Daily.

Review des Belkin iPod MediaReader bei netwarriors.org:
"I’ve commented on the speed, incoming. Outgoing (that is, offloading the images onto the harddisk), the thing is nice and fast (as should be expected from a Firewire HD). Now for the power-hunger. Like every good photographer with big … uh … cards, I carry a number of batteries with me, all the time. Three Gigs on one charge is about what you will get from a Media Wallet, too, give or take a Gig, and carrying some rechargeable batteries with you is a must in any case, and be it just to power the ring flash, the speedlite, the remote, and other gadgets."

Think Secret meldet, dass die Entwicklung von Xcode vorangeht:
"The seed, designated "Update 1.1" and marked build 7K104, includes several feature enhancements, Apple told developers in a seed note. The update also ties in bug fixes that Apple addressed as a result from input from developers as well as testing."

Erste Eindrücke vom 14" iBook G4 bei lowendmac.com:
"After three weeks of nail biting, nightmares, thousands of reloads on Apple's tracking page, and finally eight excruciating hours when I found out that the thing was finally out for delivery on the streets of London, it arrived yesterday night. My friend Ivor, who was nice enough to drop it off at my place (it was of course delivered at the office on the one day I was off sick) hung around to witness the unpacking and fill the room with envious grunts."

Einführung für Einstieger in die iDisk unter Panther bei dotmac.info .

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
11/14 Quarter Pounder price raised from $0.53 to $0.55 in violation of Nixon
(So einfach ist das).

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