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Noch mehr Lorbeeren (diesmal G5 und iTMS)

Steve Jobs hat ja bekanntlich gerade erst reichlich Lob erhalten, nun folgt noch der PowerMac G5, der vom PC Magazine den 'Award for Technical Excellence' im Bereich PC verliehen bekommt:

"The awards recognize products or technologies that have advanced the state of the art; and will have a significant impact on the future directions of technology.

The G5 performed significantly better than any previous Mac—and equaled or bettered the performance of Intel-platform machines—on our all-important graphics and content creation tests. As a 64-bit operating system and applications emerge, users will enjoy the dual 1-GHz front-side buses and rapid access to up to 8 gigabytes of RAM. The G5 is an important step forward in desktop computer technology and a vital cornerstone of Apple's future."

Genauso preisverdächtig ist der iTunes Music Store, der den Webby Business Award im Bereich Retail abstaubte:

"The industry’s tactics have often seemed self-defeating, which is why Apple iTunes Music Store has become a beacon pointing to the future of digital music. By seamlessly combining elegant ease-of-use, an extensive music library, integration with the world's most popular portable digital music player - iPod, and copyright mechanisms that protect both intellectual property and customers’ rights, Apple has redefined what an online music distribution business should be -- and and become the number one music download service in the world."

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