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Phil und Fred plaudern

Die Comdex konnte bis jetzt nur durch den Erheiterungsfaktor des Bill 'Morpheus' Gates und seines per rotem Microsoft Zäpfchen erlösten Steve-o (sic!) Ballmer glänzen, doch inzwischen wurde auch Phil Schiller (Apple senior vice president) dort gesichtet, der auf einer Podiumsdiskussion folgendes zum besten gab:

"However, Schiller rebuffed the notion that the DVD will soon expand beyond its current role.
"I don't think we're going to be able to edit digital movies on our DVDs anytime soon," Schiller said. "Over 95 percent of homes already have toilets, but that doesn't mean you are going to edit videos on them."

Schiller said many devices like digital video cameras can be made more useful by connecting them to a computer, while some devices like an iPod require a computer. As a result, the computer is becoming a necessary intermediary between a large number of digital devices.
"That's already occurring," he said.
Schiller said the next big step is allowing consumers to access digital media from one device that is stored on another device. Apple's answer is Rendezvous, a technology designed to allow networked devices to automatically discover each other and make services and files available. More than 50 companies are incorporating Rendezvous in their products, Schiller said."

Ansonsten war von Apple recht wenig auf der Comdex zu sehen.

Mr. Anderson (Apples Chief Financial Officer und Matrix lässt schon wieder grüßen) freute sich derweil auf irgendeiner Konferenz über Apples Position im Musikgeschäft:

"Apple is an innovator, and the last thing you want to do when you are an innovator is cut research and development in a downturn," Mr. Anderson said in a presentation that was broadcast over the Internet.
As a result, it has increased its share of the consumer market, introducing such products as the iPod, the market leading MP3 music player, and iTunes, its Internet music site.
"We think we have a really strong position in the whole music niche," Mr. Anderson said.
Leveraging consumer products into sales of other Apple products is the strategy, he said.
"Many who experience buying songs from iTunes will go on and buy an iPod and maybe they will buy a Mac when they think about buying a second or third computer for the home," Mr. Anderson said."

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