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Heute unter anderem:
• Ein weiterer 12" iBook G4 Bericht
• Microsoft Manager mögen auch den iPod
• Apple gewinnt Preise im High Performance Computing
• nichts Neues vom iTMS für Europa
• Gerüchte zu iPod Werbung in Europa
• iSight Review
• Windows Viren
Die Details bekommt man beim Weiterlesen...

Ein weiterer mit enormer Mühe erstellter User-Bericht vom 12" iBook G4 bei xlr8yourmac.com:

"The biggest difference between the two is really the keyboard, which is far better on the iBook G4, thanks to a metal backplate and a more solid, powerbooky feel. A definite improvement over the old one.
Battery life, while already excellent on the iBook G3, has been further improved and easily reaches between 4 and 5 hours of actual use, with Airport running. Far beyond any PC laptop I have ever seen.
Talking about Airport: Reception is again, excellent. I shared an internet connection from my MDD G4 over Airport and went for a walk in the garden with the iBook. Despite the PowerMac being in the house and behind aluminium window covers, I easily reached an approximate 50-60 meters before losing the signal completely. I don't have any means of testing Airport Extreme range (802.11g), but I expect it also to be great.

Overall, the iBook feels very fast compared to the older model. Panther is a big improvement for the G3 too, but no match for the iBook G4 with it's faster frontside bus, processor and RAM, not forgetting the graphics chip, which is about a zillion times faster."

Auch der MS CTO weiß was gut ist:

"Microsoft's chief technology officer this week eulogised over the Blackberry email device and Apple iPod in front of an audience of IT directors and developers. In addition to owning a Blackberry and loving the iPod, David Vaskevitch said he always carries a digital camera, but he didn't mention using one of Microsoft's own Pocket PC devices."

Nichts Neues vom iTMS außerhalb der USA:

"An Apple official said the company is “fully committed” to opening up its iTunes online music store to rest of the world, but would not provide a date. 
Darren Sng, software product marketing manager for Apple Asia Pacific, said his company is currently in negotiations with music companies to enable worldwide sales of music via the online store, but he would not comment further."
(bei TechCentral)

Apple sahnt mal wieder ab, allerdings nicht die schon mehr als gewohnten Design-Preise, sondern diesmal im HPCwire Journal ('The global publication of record for High Performance Computing') in folgenden Kategorien:

Storage technology vendor delivering the greatest price performance solution for 2003
Readers Choice: Apple

Hardware vendor delivering the most innovative overall HPC technology for 2003
Editors Choice: Apple

Cluster vendor delivering the greatest price performance solution for 2003
Editors Choice: Apple

Der Virginia-Super-Cluster scheint sich wirklich auszuzahlen.

Gerüchte zu iPod Werbung in Europa bei macosXrumors:

"Sources indicated me that Apple is starting a large TV-ad campaign in Europe this week with the same iPod TV ads as those aired in the USA. Apple probably wants to boost iPod sales for the holidays period. The iPod has already been advertised a lot this year in Europe but not with TV-ads yet."

Tom Yager in der Infoworld:

"People who prefer OS X don’t say they have a specific admiration for alpha-blended shadows and anti-aliased text. I doubt most users can name the individual elements that draw them to the Apple GUI. Instead, users say they say they like the Mac. They like Apple for making it for them, and it does feel as if it's made just for them. You know you’re using the right software when, night after night, you have that 'oh crap, I was supposed to be home an hour ago' moment. OS X engages me that way without obviously working at it, just by respecting the fact that humans use their software," Yager writes. "Microsoft’s Longhorn and Sun’s Java Desktop System are clearly aiming at the same target. If these efforts are rooted in a real empathy for users putting in long hours, I’ll enjoy being comfortable and productive in more than one environment. I genuinely hope they nail it."

iSight Review bei codepoetry:
"Yes, I know, this is a little late for a review of the iSight, but as you’ll see, it’s the perfect timing for it. When you review a product that just came out you inevitably run into a lack of use for the item because there are no software solutions for it just yet. Now that people have taken the iSight’s QuickTime integration and run with it we’ll see just what you can do with it."

Neuer Virus ist unterwegs, siehe auch The Register:
"A new computer virus targets PayPal users in an attempt to dupe consumers into divulging sensitive credit card details. Mimail-I, the latest in a series of security-threatening worms, has spread widely since its first appearance yesterday."

"Mimail-I is a Windows-only menace - Linux, Mac, OS/2 and Unix users are immune, as usual."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
11/15 Niagara Falls power plant startup, 1896
(So einfach ist das).

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