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Systempflege mit X.3

Bei O'Reilly hat François Joseph de Kermadec (was für ein Name!) schöne Maintenance Tips für 10.3 zusammengestellt:

"Aside from the normal glitches that can occur, many performance and stability issues are preventable. Indeed, over weeks and months of use, users often neglect important maintenance tasks, or even worse, perform operations that are likely to marginally damage their computers, such as disconnecting drives without ejecting them, or installing many third-party "hacks" on their machines without fully understanding the impact they may have under the hood.
After all, why not? Computers -- and especially Macs -- are here to be enjoyed, right? The good news is that you can continue to enjoy your Mac and still make sure that everything runs smoothly."

Dabei finden sich:
• Rechte reparieren
• Festplatte reparieren
(seit 10.3 ist in Disk Utility der S.M.A.R.T Status einer Festplatte einzusehen, mehr dazu in Stephen Wither's Weblog)
• nächtliche UNIX Aufräumroutinen
• Prebinding

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