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"The PCs beat the Macs soundly."

Gähnenderweise las ich eben folgende Meldung:

"Alienware, the leading manufacturer of high-performance computer desktop and mobile systems, and leading-edge professional systems, announced today that Alienware PCs have overcome the "world's fastest personal computers." Alienware systems outperformed the Power Mac G5 systems in six out of seven head-to-head comparisons, including tests using Adobe Premiere, MP3-encoding, Microsoft Word, and Quake III. Mac World opined, "The PCs beat the Macs soundly."

Der 'Test' ist bei Alienware in Auszügen (!) nachzulesen.

Albernerweise ist der Test allerdings nicht gerade neu, sondern schon am 16.10. bei mir zu lesen gewesen, mit dem einzigen damals wie heute passenden ./-Kommentar, den ich hier nochmals zitieren will:

"Did you look at the apps they compared the G5s and the Athlon64s with?
Word- It's Microsoft, no shit it's going to be faster on windows, who would have guessed that?
Premiere - The video app that sucks so hard on mac that Adobe stoped making it. Try the same functions on FCP and watch it come out a few times faster.
Quake 3 - A game, 'cause you know macs are what everyone uses for gaming, and developers spend just as much time optimising their mac versions.
Photoshop - The only relavant and fair app they bothered to test, and the G5 is noticablly faster than any of the Athlon 64 systems, beaten only by the Opteron."

Ich hoffe, die ermüdende Dauer-Benchmark-Diskussion bricht nicht wieder los, zumal diese inzwischen sowieso eher hinfällig sein sollte, traurig nur, dass sich die Macworld dafür hergegeben hat...

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