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10.3.2 (7D24), Battery Update und Java 3D

Fröhliches Installieren:

The 10.3.2 Update delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther" and is recommended for all users.

Key enhancements include:
-improved file sharing and directory services for mixed Mac and PC networks
-more robust printing to PostScript printers
-improved font management
-updated Mail and Address Book applications
-new ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers
-FileVault, FireWire 800, WebDAV and USB Printing improvements from Update 10.3.1
-previous standalone security updates

Entweder per Software Update oder direkt zum Download.

Die Liste mit den detaillierten Änderungen findet sich ebenfalls in der Knowledge Base.

Ein 'Battery Update' für folgende i/PowerBooks:

iBook (Dual USB)
iBook (Late 2001)
iBook (Opaque 16 VRAM)
iBook (32 VRAM)
iBook (800 MHZ 32 VRAM)
iBook (900 MHZ 32 VRAM)
iBook G4 (12-inch)
PowerBook G4 (12-inch)
PowerBook G4 (12-inch DVI)
PowerBook G4 (15-inch FW 800)
PowerBook G4 (17-inch)
PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.33GHz)

The Battery Update enhances the performance of the battery to ensure that full capacity is available for your PowerBook or iBook.

Ebenfalls entweder per Software Update oder direkt.

Java 3D and Java Advanced Imaging Update

"This update contains support for Java3D and Java Advanced ImagingJava 3D extends the Java platform, providing additional capabilities for running three-dimensional graphics applications and Internet-based 3D applets.

Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) Update extends the Java platform, providing additional capabilities for running image processing applications and imaging applets in Java."

Für ein optimales Systemupdate sollten vor der Installation Festplatte und Rechte repariert werden und nach dem Update nochmals die Rechte repariert werden. Ein aktuelles Backup schadet grundsätzlich sicher auch nix.

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