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Der Guardian glänzt bereits seit einigen Tagen mit herausragender iPod-Berichterstattung und ernennt diesen nun noch zum besten MP3-Player:

"Apple's iPod is the year's best portable music-player because "it leads the field on account of stunning design, simplicity of use, superb performance and overall value for money."

Bluetooth und zukünftiger iPod könnten was werden:

Infinite Range, a Fremont-based company, has begun marketing circuit boards that iPod accessory maker XtremeMac plans to build into a new product in 2004. The product uses Bluetooth to beam music from Apple's iPod to nearby audio systems without the fuzzy interference that comes with FM tuners.

Zusätzlich vermeldet iPodlounge.com:

"iPodlounge has spoken with a representative from company 'X' about a Bluetooth headphone set being developed and we will be one of the first to beta test the device."

Die New York Post sorgte letztens erst mit Gerüchten über McDonald's und 1 Milliarde verschenkte iTMS-Songs sowie über Steve Jobs als künftiger Roy Disney für Unterhaltung, nun sucht Apple eine neue Ladenfläche in Manhatten für einen zweiten New Yorker Apple Store:

"Apple Computer is negotiating a 21,000-square- foot lease for the GM Building's underground concourse, for the computer maker's second store in Manhattan.
The store will have a mini-entrance at the edge of Fifth Ave. and then drop into the space that once housed Vidal Sassoon, a travel agency and a handful of other uninspiring renters."

Trauerspiel Artikel bei Newsfactor.com über die 'versteckten Kosten des Mac-Besitzes', ich verlinke direkt die kommentierte Fassung bei MacDailyNews:

"Microsoft, perhaps unintentionally, created a new cost for the Apple faithful by discontinuing development of the Internet Explorer browser for the Mac. Mac users can use existing versions, but as Internet technology advances, Apple's Safari browser will be compelled to follow IE's lead," Maguire writes.
[MacDailyNews Note: Jimmy, Safari is FREE, so how is that "a new cost for the Apple faithful?"]

Apples Support Foren sind neu überarbeitet worden:

"Today we released a new version of Apple Discussions featuring a significant update to the user interface and a change to the way posts are rated," said Apple in a note on the site. "As well, users can now qualify for extra new features through the ratings to their posts as well as other factors. Other significant new features: Custom information on the profile page. Users at level 2 and above can post extra information to be shown on their user profile page; Custom user icons. Users at level 3 and above may upload a custom user icon."

Im Syndey Morning Herald erfreut man sich an Apples Innovationskraft:

"One may justifiably argue that Apple and Steve Jobs, the extraordinary man who leads it, stokes the fires in its belly and generates many of the ideas that drive it, have been the nuclear core of the Silicon Valley powerhouse. No other company has been as clearly innovative as the idiosyncratic crowd at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, and none can boast a cult culture as powerful as that of Mac."

Bei techlearning.com sahnt das iLife Paket einen der Awards of Excellence 2003 ab:

"In addition to many easy-to-use features that help turn students into multimedia wizards, iLife for the Classroom offers a number of supporting resources for teachers."

Die Begründung für 55 unterschiedliche Betriebssysteme die auf einem 17" PowerBook laufen:

"I run a large number of operating systems on my PowerBook 17, both because I am fascinated by operating systems and environments, and also because a lot of my professional work is and has been in this area (in other words, I legitimately need to run quite a few of these systems). It is helpful to think of the setup as an "iPod of Operating Systems" - I use a portable external FireWire drive that contains all the systems."

Und die dazugehörige Diskussion bei /. .

Wal-Mart schmeisst nun seinen Me-too Music Store auf den Markt, 88Cents Stückpreis, "hundreds of thousands" (sprich weniger als die Konkurrenz) an Liedern und laut MacRumors eine Limitierung auf 10 Brennvorgänge pro WMA-Song.

Wie bereits angekündigt:

“Now for the first time millions of music fans on AOL, who watch their favorite artists perform in an intimate studio setting on Sessions@AOL, have the option to purchase the song digitally via iTunes and then download it right to their iPod,” said Evan Harrison, vice president and general manager, AOL Music.
“Apple and AOL are making it easy for AOL’s millions of U.S. subscribers to legally purchase and download music,” said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of Applications Marketing. “AOL members can now conveniently use their AOL screen names and passwords to log onto the iTunes Music Store and use their AOL Wallet or card-on-file to immediately purchase and download songs."

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