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Krieg der Sterne verantwortlich für Photoshop (Update)

Aus der Kategorie nutzlose aber umso unterhaltsamere Fakten:

"The report looks at the history of Photoshop – which was developed by Thomas and John Knoll. Thomas was a programmer, while John was in charge of special effects for the first Star Wars film.
Brown confirms: "Photoshop is here today because of that movie." Thomas developed software to add effects and painting tools to images at John's request."
(via Macworld UK)

Diese nette Entstehungsgeschichte hat einiges an Verwunderung ausgelöst, deshalb hier die alternative erheblich unglamourösere Variante:

"Even though Thomas loved hands-on darkroom work, he too had a keen interest in computers and programming. In 1987 he purchased an Apple Macintosh Plus to help him with his Ph.D. work on the "processing of digital images." Much to his disappointment, the Mac couldn't display gray-scale levels in his images. To solve that problem, Thomas wrote a subroutine to simulate the gray-scale effect."
(via Boing Boing)

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