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Heute unter anderem:
• Apple Retail Stores legen umsatztechnisch um 471,6% zu
• Rendezvous im Einsatz
• iPod als Digitalfotografenhelfer
• Australien wartet auch auf seinen iTMS
• G5 eins der 25 besten Produkte des Jahres
• 'iPod’s “1-Year” warranty only lasts 12 months'
• Network Browsing unter X.3 erklärt
• verzögerte Cinema Displays
Dies und mehr beim Weiterlesen...

Die analogen Apple Stores haben umsatzmäßig mehr als deutlich zugelegt:

"For Apple, a 471.6% sales surge born of a near doubling in store count (to 51 units) delivered the Macmeisters to 34th place on the TWICE rankings with $383 million in volume under their belt."
Auf Platz 1 dieser Liste befindet sich übrigens Best Buy mit einem Umsatz von 16,7 Milliarden $, die auch eine Menge iPods zu verkaufen scheinen.

Zwei interessante Artikel bei O'Reilly:

Der erste setzt sich mit den Möglichkeiten von Rendezvous bei kollektiv zu bearbeitendem (mit SubEthaEdit und iStorm) auseinander.

Der zweite eröffnet dem Digitalfotografen was sich jenseits vom Belkin Media Reader alles mit dem iPod anstellen lässt:

"What's interesting to me isn't so much that you can upload pictures from a memory card to a portable storage device. As cool as this is, that functionality already exists with other tools. What makes the iPod scenario compelling is that it plugs into Panther, allowing you to leverage some of its powerful technologies. And that's what I'm going to explore here today."

In Australien erwartet man ebenso den iTMS für das erste Quartal 2004:

"Apple declined to comment on when its service might be available in Australia, but sources indicate that the company has been in local negotiations with record companies, music publishers and rights bodies. Those negotiations should bear fruit in the first quarter of next year, when Apple will extend the iTunes Music Store to a number of markets beyond the US, sources said."

Der PowerMac G5 landete im Fortune Magazin in der Liste der 25 besten Produkte des Jahres (direkt neben einem Papierschredder mit zusätzlicher Bleistiftspitzfunktionalität):

"Why it's so cool The G5's anodized aluminum enclosure isn't just an aesthetic home run: Its perforations keep the computer from overheating. Two sleek handles make the machine easy to move. And the G5's 64-bit processor is one of the fastest around."

Bei Daring Fireball werden Alternative Slogans für die Neistat Brothers (aka Neustadt Brothers) angeboten, klarer Favorit dabei:

'iPod’s “1-Year” warranty only lasts 12 months'

Apple hat einen ausführlichen Artikel in der Knowledge Base zum leidigen Thema:
"Mac OS X 10.3: About Network Browsing and Connected Servers
In Mac OS X 10.3, there are two ways to connect to servers in the Finder. You can browse the Network view in Finder, or you can use the Connect to Server dialog. This document explains how the methods work, and how they differ from each other."

Apple Insider munkelt, dass die nächsten Cinema Displays erst mit der kommenden PowerMac Generation aufgetischt werden:

"According to a new report, Apple plans to hold off the introduction of new Cinema Displays until the introduction of the second generation Power Mac G5 models. Next generation displays have been rumored for the last 6 months, but according to sources, are not of high priority on Apple's list of revenue generating hardware."

Ein langjähriger Apple User und OS X Nutzer berichtet von seinen Erfahrungen mit FreeBSD und KDE:

"Though I have written this like a review, it is more of a user report -- an elaboration on personal notes that I made during and after my experience with FreeBSD and KDE. I was compelled to make these notes because of my interest in operating systems, interface design, and software development. My primary intended audience here is OS X users who share those interests."

Bei den iBooks scheint ein neues bis jetzt weitgehend unbekanntes Problem aufzutreten:

"In my case, it seems to be predominantly from red pasta sauce. I don't know why, but every time I get my iBook out I seem to get red pasta sauce on it."
"It's very strange, because sometimes it happens when I'm not even eating pasta or anything. Someone else will walk up with some ziti or some shells or some rigatoni and glop. One time I was in a classroom alone and I swear it just came down from the ceiling. I'm actually getting a little frightened."
Apple so far has not responded to the complaints and has gone so far as to delete messages on the company's support forum complaining about the red sauce/white iBook issue." Natürlich bei Crazy Apple Rumors.

'Apple releases Soundtrack 1.1'

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
12/03 First successful human heart transplant led by Dr. Barnard, 1967
(So einfach ist das).

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