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MontagsMac0rama Teil II (Update)

Über das Logistikdesaster des europäischen Apple Store in den letzten Monaten:

"Apple has admitted that its European Apple Store has experienced “teething problems” this year following the implementation of a new logistics system.
It admits that at one time 39 per cent of its online customers experienced delivery delays, it said.
Despite this, Apple Store Europe director Francois Duquesne insists that “the crisis is now under control", adding: "We have fixed the broken parts, and have the capacity to respond. Now we only have problems with 10-15 per cent of orders. I predict that in two weeks we will see a resolution of these issues.”

Bereitet Schmerzen:

"But Dell's simple user interface makes the iPod seem silly, if not altogether cryptic. Instead of the iPod's oversized, rotating circle, the Dell DJ has a small, clickable scroll wheel (much like the one found on computer mice). The Dell DJ is sleek and stylish but doesn't sacrifice usability for the sake of aesthetics."

Bei den MacGuardians wird sehr angenehm ausgewogen von den 'Leiden zu leiser Computer' berichtet:
"Jetzt stellt sich aber heraus, dass durch die leisen Lüfter bei einigen Geräten andere Geräusche hörbar und damit zum Problem werden."

Mehr dazu auch bei MacFixIt.

Von Manfred Schubert, der bereits das wunderbare .pdf Browser Plugin liefert, kommt nun ein Word Browser Plugin (ab 10.3):
"The Word Browser Plugin displays a text only preview of Word documents within your web browser."

Apple Insider packt wieder das gerüchtete 'home on iPod'-Feature (vor längerem auch beim mir verlinkt) aus und weissagt es für 10.3.5:

"The illusive "Home on iPod" feature of Mac OS X has once again been proposed for inclusion in an upcoming update to the Mac OS X Panther, sources tellAppleInsider. Once a part of early Panther builds, the functionality seemingly vanished from the operating system during its latter development stages due to a number of imperfections.[...]
With Apple's Panther update time schedule still up in the air, it's unknown when the feature will appear, though one source is citing the Mac OS X 10.3.5 update (which is traditionally the most feature rich of Mac OS X updates, as it falls halfway between major upgrades to the operating system)."

MacRumors bietet noch die aufbewahrte Apple eigene Beschreibung der Funktionalität, aus der hervorgeht, dass dies auch mit anderen externen FireWire-Festplatten nutzbar wäre.

Auch der Playboy hält den Mac für weltverändernd:
"In the 50th Anniversary January 2004 issue of adult magazine Playboy, the Apple Macintosh Desktop Computer is ranked #1 among the products that most "changed the world."
(via MacNN)

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