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The Register packt mal wieder wassergekühlte Chipgeschichten aus:
"The Apple connection is interesting since Cooligy's could play a major role in allowing the company to ship G5-based PowerBooks. The 64-bit CPU requires a major computer-controlled cooling system in its desktop incarnation, rendering it effectively useless for mobile applications."
Mehr Informationen auch in der Macworld und bei macrumors.
Inzwischen auch bei Wired gelandet.

Gewohnt kräftige Gerüchteküche, angeblich soll heute noch eine offizielle Aussage zu 10.3 kommen und die G5 Xserves vor der Tür stehen (quasi).

Technewsworld.com nimmt sich die MS-Alternativen Apple, Linux und BSD vor: "I spend a lot of time listening to lots of folks complain that they don't have a choice, that big, bad Microsoft has come in and made their lives a living hell and that someone should do something about it. If you are one of those folks, today is your lucky day. I'm going to start telling you how to fix this problem. In this week's column, I address the "other" platforms. Next week, my column will be about how to use Microsoft products successfully."

Avid Free DV ist jetzt runterladbar, bei den macguardians wird kurz dazu berichtet.

"According to a recent interview in GQ magazine, (Fred) Durst had a crush on the Academy Award-winner before he even met her. In an effort to get her attention, Durst loaded love songs onto an Apple iPod as a gift, such as Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" and Al B. Sure's "Night and Day" to "impress" her." Die AngeiPodete ist übrigens Halle Berry. (via iPodlounge)

Außerdem spannendes aus dem Terminal - heute: 10/07 National Heroes Day in Jamaica (Anleitung zur Selbstinformation).

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Inside the iPod

Komplett in der Macworld, unter anderem:
You can place more than just phone numbers and addresses on the iPod. If you've got an older model, you can use the iPod's contact list to store directions, helpful foreign phrases, hotel reservation numbers, or even your favorite recipes.
To do this, you'll take advantage of vCard -- a cross-platform, open standard for storing contact information on computers and other personal computing devices. First open a vCard-compatible contact manager -- Apple's Address Book or Microsoft Entourage, for example. Enter the name of the item (Bread Recipe, for example) in the First Name field and the information you want to record in the Title field.
Save the contact and move it to your iPod.
To create line breaks, insert \n where you'd like the line to break. For example, 2 eggs\n4 cups flour\n1 packet yeast\npinch of salt\n1 cup water appears on your iPod like this:
2 eggs
4 cups flour
1 packet yeast
pinch of salt
1 cup water

If you're using a new iPod, adding notes is even easier: just drop text files (they can't be larger than 4K) in the Notes folder on your iPod. The iPod will automatically detect line breaks, so you don't have to add \n anywhere. You can even use basic HTML tags to create hyperlinks to other text files (or to parts of your music library). Get more details (.pdf file, 72KB).

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Mehr vom P900

Ich hatte vor einigen Tagen schonmal auf eine P900 Galerie verlinkt, nun steht wohl laut The Register auch ein Erscheinungstermin fest, nämlich der 26. Oktober (in den Staaten). Bis dahin lässt sich die Zeit angenehm mit einem unglaublich ausführlichen Bericht über das P900 bei Mobile-review.com totschlagen:
"Finishing this review, I could mention that P900 is not a real new phone, but just improved and renewed version of P800. Taking into account that P800 is the best smartphone available on the market today, P900 is rather interesting. Sales of P900 will begin in November. UK is named as the first country where these smartphones would be shipped. Then it will be available in the other European countries. The expected price of the device is about 650 Euro. Shipments of the phones with fully localized Russian version (text input and interface) will be only in February 2004."

Dort gibt es übrigens auch einen ebenso detaillierten Bericht über das SE Z600 (auch bei mir verlinkt). (alles via MobileTracker)

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Interview mit Jon Rubinstein (Chef-Hardware-Entwickler bei Apple) in der c't, darin äußert er sich unter anderem nochmals zu den vieldiskutierten G5 Benchmarks:
"Die Leute haben sich daran gestoßen, dass wir behauptet haben, wir hätten die schnellste Maschine. Ganz gleich, was wir gemacht hätten, die Leute hätten sich daran gestört. Wir wollten den fairsten Vergleich, um direkt Maschine zu Maschine zu vergleichen. Alles ist Open Source, sodass man sehen kann, was wir gemacht haben. Wir haben White-Papers veröffentlicht, um zu dokumentieren, wie getestet wurde und die Messung wurde von unabhängiger Seite gemacht. Wir waren da offener als alle anderen, niemand sonst veröffentlicht das alles. [Pause] Benchmarking ist eine der Sachen, mit denen man niemanden glücklich macht, egal was man tut."

Bei Mac.Ars wird die Auswirkung von MusicMatch auf den iTMS für Windows untersucht: "First of all, iTMS exists primarily to build Apple brand awareness and more importantly, sell iPods. After covering bandwidth and labor costs and giving the recording industry its share, there's not an overwhelming amount of profit left over. It is a money-maker, but by no means one of Apple's primary revenue sources. It does create buzz -- being the first service of its kind, there was a tremendous amount of press and other positive publicity for Apple, and more importantly, sells Macs and iPods. Indeed, given that selling iPods is Apple's primary reason for being in the online music business, what does it need to do -- if anything -- to counter MusicMatch's entry? The biggest debate in Mac circles right now is whether the iPod should offer support for file formats other than AAC and MP3. MusicMatch files are WMA, which can be played on most MP3 players, albeit not the one with market dominance, the iPod. The are essentially two options for Apple: either enable iPods to play WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and other file types so that they don't become marginalized in the Windows market, or stay the present course and concentrate on getting iTMS for Windows out the door.

The Register hat einen schönen und recht ausführlichen Meinungsartikel zum Mythos 'security through obscurity': "Security is, as we all know, a process, not a product. So when you use Linux, you're not using a perfectly safe OS. There is no such thing. But Linux and Mac OS X establish a more secure footing than Microsoft Windows, one that makes it far harder for viruses to take hold in the first place, but if one does take hold, harder to damage the system, but if one succeeds in damaging the system, harder to spread to other machines and repeat the process. When it comes to email-borne viruses and worms, Linux may not be completely immune - after all, nothing is immune to human gullibility and stupidity - but it is much more resistant."

Bei my two cents wird breit erläutert wo "die Vorteile eines Mac mit OS X gegenüber Linux/*BSD auf einem i386 – oder mittlerweile in greifbarer Nähe IA64" liegen. (via bronski.net)

macrumors gibt sich zunehmend überzeugt, dass X.3 in der letzten Oktoberwoche offiziell erscheint.

Ein wenig mehr zu der gerüchteten iPod Peripherie bei Think Secret: "One source explains that Apple is ironing out some issues with the next update to the iPod firmware, iPod Software 2.1. As soon as that update is ready, the company will reportedly announce the new peripherals. While Apple had indeed hoped to release the accessories in Paris, the software issues made such a release impossible. Separately, another source says that iPod recording is still coming, but is being held up due to a software issue -- likely connected to the iPod Software 2.1 delay."

Tipps&Tricks&Kleinteile: iTunes Music Store Europe - May 2004? 130.000 Notebooks, Bestellung geht entweder an Apple oder Dell... Use Preview to save pictures from the clipboard in any format. Motorola will seine Halbleiter-Sparte ausgliedern. Bei falschen Preisen im Internet kein Anspruch auf Lieferung. How do the slots in the Power Mac G5 cope with PCI/PCI-X cards of different speeds? Back up user prefs 3.02 (Freeware)

Außerdem spannendes aus dem Terminal - heute: 10/06 Antioch College is the first public school to admit men and women, 1853 (Anleitung zur Selbstinformation).

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Die Visionen des Herrn Gates

"The tone is immediately set by a photo of our hero, hand clenched at his breast, staring off into the distance, the mildly smug expression of a man who “gets it” on his face. And what does he get? Well, just take a look at the witty anecdote emblazoned in big bold letters beneath his portrait:
“My daughter and I were walking down the street and I said, ‘Let’s go to the record store,’ and she said, ‘What’s a record?’”
How insightful! Truly, he is a man with his finger on the pulse of technology and youth culture!"
Weiterschmökern bei Sci-Fi Hi-Fi.

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Herr und Frau Katze lieben PowerBooks


"Blogging is many things, yet the typical blog is written by a teenage girl who uses it twice a month to update her friends and classmates on happenings in her life", das gab zumindest eine unglaublich aussagekräftige Studie zu Protokoll, nachzulesen gestern bei The Register. Folglich sehe ich mich gänzlich dazu in der Lage, schonungslos Katzenbilder zu veröffentlichen (so weit musste es ja früher oder später kommen, laut Herrn Praschl ist dies ja auch durchaus zu akzeptieren, zumal...). Wie dem auch sei, weitere Katzen auf (!) PowerBooks finden sich unter anderem bei Clignotant Ville. Wer Abhilfe schaffen möchte, ist vielleicht damit zu besänftigen: "PawSense analyzes keypress timings and combinations to distinguish cat typing from human typing. PawSense normally recognizes a cat on the keyboard within one or two pawsteps." Allerdings "We don't yet have the Mac version. Please email us at macsales@bitboost.com to request a Macintosh version of PawSense, and to ask to be notified when a Mac version becomes available." Theorien zur Katzenverbundenheit mit PowerBooks werden wie immer gerne in den Kommentaren entgegengenommen...

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Die Computerworld wirft noch einen zweiten Blick auf den PowerMac G5:
"It's clear from two weeks of testing that Apple's new Power Mac G5 dual 2-GHz machine is the fastest thing the company has ever produced. And while you can debate benchmarks until eternity, it certainly appears poised to meet or beat anything now out on the Windows side".

In der Macworld liest sich ein ausführlicher Bericht über Adobes Creative Suite: "Adobe is making a bold move. The company has radically reworked its four major applications: GoLive, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. The fruit of its labor is the OS X-only Adobe Creative Suite, which includes all four revitalized applications. There are some great new features in these tightly integrated programs".

Ein weiterer verzweifelter Versuch, nachzulesen bei CNET: "Microsoft in typical fashion will set off a new round of print and online advertisements for its Media Center Edition, but it is also taking a stealth approach to boost its product image. Placing products in TV shows and other entertainment programming has become a more common tactic among marketers as the din of advertising has peaked in recent years and commercial-skipping devices like TiVo have grown popular." Vor wenigen Tagen erst konnte man bei Spiegel Online nachlesen, wie gut das schon zu funktionieren scheint: "Die Wahl fiel auf die beiden Marketingleute Andreas Schönberger und Sascha Hancke, die sich Rhetorikschlachten, wie aus nächtlichen TV-Shoppingshows lieferten: "Andreas, ich war im Urlaub und habe Bilder gemacht." "Sascha, das ist ja toll." "Ja, Andreas." "Lass sie uns doch sofort angucken, Sascha." "Andreas, das ist ja super. Du hast einen PC im Wohnzimmer, mit dem man Fotos angucken kann?" "Ja, Sascha!" "Andreas, ich bin total begeistert." Auch bei den macguardians ist man erheitert. Wirklich interessant an dem CNET-Artikel erscheint viel mehr diese quasi im Nebensatz versteckte Information zu Apples Werbe-Plänen zu sein: "According to one source, the company also plans another major consumer advertising campaign around the holidays to promote its computer line."

Die Macworld hat auch noch eine schöne Liste mit X Hints unter anderem: "At first glance, you might assume that scroll bars are an extremely inefficient mechanism when you want to scroll a window diagonally -- and you'd be right. Fortunately, OS X includes an alternative scrolling system for such situations. Position your mouse inside a Finder icon- or list-view window; while pressing 1-option, you can drag -- and scroll -- in any direction, thanks to the little white-gloved hand cursor that appears at your command."

Bei ATPM gibt es einen Outliner Überblick: "No one has a generally accepted definition of what an outliner is. One could approach a definition by describing what one uses an outliner for, but here we’ll take a different tack; we’ll provide all the features that exist in certain products that exploit the nesting paradigm. Then, you can compare your needs to this list and match it to the product or workstyle you are evaluating." (via Mac Net Journal)

Und langsam beginnen die iBook Upgrade Gerüchte: "Updated iBooks are rumored to support the expected upgrades: Bluetooth and USB 2.0 which would bring the iBooks in line with the remainder of Apple's lineup. Other features noted include brighter displays, and improved graphics."

Spricht für sich: "IE Gets Blame for Theft of Half Life 2 Code" "Wichtiges Sicherheitsupdate für Internet Explorer".

Außerdem spannendes aus dem Terminal - heute: 10/05 Ray Kroc (founder of McDonald's) born, 1902 (Anleitung zur Selbstinformation).

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