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iTunes im Spiegel der Windows-Fraktion

Berichte gibt es bei osnews.com:
"I like iTunes for Windows (especially when used in the mini-windows-mode where doesn't take much space). However, its overall UI speed needs to be worked out by Apple, because it is back to WinAMP 3 for me until speed is improved. Even users with faster machines than mine won't be happy to burn up cpu cycles for nothing."

Bei Apple-X.net: "All in all, I love iTunes for Windows. The interface is exactly the same as the Mac except for a couple "windowsizations". (Menubar at the top of the window, No Stoplight controls, etc.)"

Bei xlr8yourmac.com: "Overall, I'm impressed. I have not had a chance to get into the "nitty-gritty", but that can wait until I have some more free time."

iTunes und iTunes ist auch seit gestern in der daypop Top 40 bestens vertreten und dementsprechend häufig genannt/verlinkt, bei mir nun eine kleine und vollkommen willkürliche Auswahl:

Bei Crikey: "As for iTunes for Windows itself, nice piece of software. Usual Apple look and feel, not at all like Windows but I enjoy it. Think Quicktime and you have an idea. Easy installation and setup. The media player features are all there and it is fast enough."

Bei Brian: "iTunes for Windows: Wow"

Bei 8Bit Joystick: "Apple has more music to buy than your typical Wal-Mart sore but not more than a dedicated music store. Once that they surpass a good physical music store than I will get really excited about iTunes for Windows."

Bei Haiko Hebig wollte es nicht so recht: "It's just that Windows won't let met. During the QuickTime 6.4 setup which is part of the iTunes installation, the Windows installer throws "Error 1722". After hitting OK, the installer attempts to roll back things, resulting in "Error -1603".

Bei Patrick Fu: "And while I'm primarily a Windows user today, I must admit I salivated over Apple's release of iTunes yesterday. And yes, I drink the Apple Kool-aid."

Bei my two cents gibt es einen weiteren schönen Linküberblick, der im Laufe des Wochenendes auch noch erweitert werden soll.

Was mir noch über den Weg läuft an iTunes Berichten, könnte es durchaus auch noch bis hierhin schaffen...

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Das 'Aussehen' des Finders unter X.3 führte ja bereits zu heftigen Diskussionen, jetzt gibt es die obligatorischen Haxies, die für eine Entmetallifizierung sorgen. Kleine Anleitung wurde von macnroe, der Besuchern des macnews-Forums durchaus bekannt sein dürfte, genau dort gepostet.
Allerdings bleibt es wohl dabei, dass Haxies sicher mit zu den größten Problemquellen gehören (und nicht nur die Beta-Versionen), die man sich unter X antun kann, das sollte man also im Kopf behalten, bevor man sich die Teile fröhlich installiert.

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iChat AV vs. Satellite

Nette Anekdote bei macdailynews:
"iChat AV quality confuses media outlet; reports Bono, Jagger appeared via satellite at Apple music event".

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Interview mit Herbie Hancock

Umfangreiches und lesenswertes Interview mit Herbie Hancock bei applematters.com:

"In the music business is it split between PC users and Mac users? Most people use Macs. You know I think I had a lot to do with it. I was one of the first people to have a computer in the music industry. I was always turning people on to Apple products and Macs. Always. I converted a ton of people from PCs. I remember this one guy, he used to work for my manager and he was saying something and he ended it with, “the industry standard, the PC.” I went, what industry standard! Industry standard my ass! This was years ago. It wasn’t a standard. You could pretty much say the PC is a standard now, for certain industries. Not for the film industry, not for music. Not for the arts really. Certain businesses…lawyers have to have a PC. My attorney has a PC in his office but he’s got a Mac at home. Most of the people I deal with in business they have PC’s at their office but Macs at home."

"Does Apple Matter? Absolutely! It’s an oasis in this sea of money-grabbing, money-getting, money-focused businesses in the technology world. At that level, I’m sure there are some small companies that are compatible with Apple. If Apple didn’t exist we would have nothing to focus on some of the best things the human being has to offer. And every human being is creative. That’s not something that’s limited to just artists. Creativity is part of being human…and Macs appeal to the creative side of the human being. And Apple…the whole philosophy appeals to the creative side. You remember when the Macs were first announced…and Chiat Day had that big super bowl ad? I mean, you can’t get any better than that. That shit was wonderful…it was a woman in the ad too. They were smart enough to figure that out. I love that. I always want to be associated with pioneers. I can breath with that. I hope they never change that…keep that philosophy, that spirit."

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Dell froze over.


(via IT&W)

Schön kommentiert bei macminute: "This isn't news per se, but it's something you'll probably never see again."

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First Look: Belkin Media Reader For iPod

Zu lesen bei iPoding.com (inklusive zweier Fotos, die einen ganz guten Eindruck von den Größenverhältnissen vermitteln):
"We snapped a few quick pictures on a SmartMedia card, downloaded the images to iPod and then plugged iPod into a PowerBook. Read on..."

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Soft Drink Lovers

Anmerkungen zu Apple und Pepsis gnadenloser Promotion Aktion von John Gruber:
"It was Pepsi, you’ll recall, where John Sculley was president before coming to Apple as president and CEO 1983. Steve Jobs personally recruited Sculley, finally wooing him with the question, 'Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life?'
Who’s selling sugar water now, eh?"

"Twenty years later, it turns out changing the world occasionally includes selling sugar water." Kommentar bei siliconvalley.com. Und (!) passender Kommentar zum Kommentar bei macdailynews: "Langberg must think Steve Jobs drives a VW Bug over to his Gulfstream jet, because we haven't heard a peep out of him regarding the "Pods unite: Buy a New Beetle, Get a new iPod" promotion. VW Bugs pollute the atmosphere. I can almost hear Langberg wondering, "Why didn't Jobs team with some healthy alternative electric vehicle that tops out at 45MPH, runs for 15 minutes, and sold just under 100 cars last year?" Maybe because he actually wanted to sell some iPods, Mike. Fruits and nuts, indeed."

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promoipodads.gifKaum zu glauben, aber Steve benutzt bereits innerhalb der ersten 30 Sekunden sein geflügeltes Wort 'amazing', aber am besten selbst anschauen, der Stream des gestrigen Music Events ist seit heute vormittag online, fröhliche Unterhaltung!

Neuer und 'alter' iPod Spot sind auch online verfügbar und erheblich unterhaltsamer als der äußerst dröge G5-Spot.

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Die Zusammenfassung des heutigen Abends, sehr brauchbar bei macrumors:

-$49 Microphone/Speaker add-on for iPod -$99 Photo card adapter -400,000 songs in iTunes by end of month -Audible.com integration with AudioBooks in iTunes Music Store -iTunes for Windows -Partnership with AOL. AOL users can simply use their screenname. No Credit Card required. -Pepsi Promotion - giving away 100 million iTunes songs. -Quicktime 6.4, and iTunes 4.1 now available -New Allowance and Gift Certificate options in the iTunes Music Store

Genauso lesenswert ist übrigens der ausführliche Live-Mitschrieb.

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iTMS immer spannender

Der Apple Store UK hat es prinzipiell schon verraten, was Think Secret aus angeblich sehr zuverlässigen Quellen für heute Abend vorhersagt:
"Sources said the peripherals will include an iPod-compatible microphone as well as an image card reader. Through the firmware update, iPod Software 2.1, users will be able to use the new accessories to record voice memos and store digital photos."
"iTunes 4.1, an update to Apple's jukebox software, will enable users to share music between Mac and Windows computers, as well as synchronize On-The-Go playlists and voice notes from an iPod. Users will also be able to use iTunes 4.1 to buy spoken-word content from Audible.com directly through the iTunes Music Store. Other updates in Version 4.1 will include the ability to drag URLs from the iTunes Music Store to other applications, and to burn large playlists on multiple CDs without interruption."

Bill Palmer liefert eine Top Ten der Gründe für den gnadenlosen Erfolg des iTMS für Windows, unter anderem: "Windows Media Format: Most PC users hip enough to even know what an mp3 player is, prefer mp3 to WMA. If Apple can get across the message that AAC is just a better mp3, and if competitors follow through on their plans to stick with Windows Media format only, this puts Apple in a beautiful position as the only company to offer non-WMA downloads to Windows users." "Napster 2.0: The company who is launching their service under the bought-and-sold name "Napster 2.0" will live to regret that decision. There is nothing more difficult than offering customers the same product under the same name as before, but now you want to charge for what used to be free. Apple was smart enough to change the name of their product from "iTools" to ".Mac" when they started charging for it. These guys who bought the Naspter name must not be quite so smart. Besides, do the people behind the Napster revival have idea how many firewalls, Universities, proxies, and other filtering entities are still blocking the "napster.com" domain name, and always will...no matter how legal the site's new business model might be?"

Die NYT (kostenlose Reg. erforderlich) bringt eine ausführliche Liste mit iPod Accessoires (die bis jetzt schon erhältlich sind).

Zugleich wird auch über den iTMS für Kanada spekuliert.

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