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Bildübertragung per Bluetooth leichtgemacht

Endlich lassen sich seit dem Bluetooth Update auch mehrere Fotos vom T610 in einem Schub auf den Rechner übertragen, darauf habe ich wirklich sehnsüchtig gewartet!


Einfach im 'Browsing' Modus mehrere Bilddateien (geht sicher auch mit Klingeltönen usw.) per Command+Klick (oder Shift+Klick) auswählen und per 'Get' in einem Aufwasch in einen zu wählenden Ordner verfrachten, perfekt.

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Ab demnächst: 10.3.2

Da X.3.1 wohl eher eine unaufschiebbare Problembeseitigung (Firewire HD, FileVault) war, scheint es als würde schon bald das erste richtige Update für Panther erscheinen:

"On Monday, the company provided developers with an advance seed of Version 10.3.2, marked build 7D12.
Version 10.3.2 will include updates to networking, graphics drivers, and USB, sources said. The update will also improve WebDAV, international text, and AFP Server, Apple reportedly told testers in a brief release note."

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Tatsache: Dual 1,8GHz G5 und 20" iMac (Update)

20-inch iMac:

$2.199,00 (2.499,00 EUR im Apple Store Deutschland)

20-inch widescreen LCD
1.25GHz PowerPC G4
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
64MB DDR video memory
80GB Ultra ATA hard drive
Apple Pro Speakers
AirPort Extreme Ready
Bluetooth Option

Dual 1,8GHz PowerMac:

$2.499,00 (2.666,84 EUR im Apple Store Deutschland)

Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5
900MHz frontside bus/processor
512K L2 cache/processor
512MB DDR400 128-bit SDRAM
Expandable to 8GB SDRAM
160GB Serial ATA
Three PCI-X Slots
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
64MB DDR video memory
56K internal modem

Apple Unveils G5-Optimized Versions of Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Shake.

Bei Computerworld.com finden sich noch einige Aussagen von Tom Boger, Director of Power Mac product marketing at Apple, zu den Neuvorstellungen:

"Because of the underlying architecture of Apple's dual-G5-processor models -- each processor has its own front-side bus -- Boger said buyers would see a "substantial increase in performance." He also noted that the new desktop machines are shipping with Mac OS X 10.3, which offers speed improvements of its own. Apple's code name for its latest operating system, released last month, is Panther.
"In general, it does approach double the speed [of its the previous midrange model]," Boger said in a telephone interview. "That's because Panther ... does a really great job in balancing the load. [For] applications that are multithreaded ... you can indeed approach two times the performance [of a single processor]. That and the combination of the additional processor and a front-side bus means you really have three factors at work."

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Apple Store down (Update)

Die europäischen Apple Stores sind schon offline, fehlt nur noch der US-Store. Mal sehen, was an den Gerüchten von gestern dran ist.

U.S. Store ist auch down (13:47 Uhr)...

Tatsächlich, 20" iMac und Dual 1,8 GHz G5 PowerMacs.

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Essential New York


(via MacBidouille, dort ist auch noch ein zweites Foto zu sehen...)

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Heute unter anderem:
• Mehr Gerüchte zu Dual 1,8GHz G5 und 20" iMac
• iPod gets punk'd
• Virtual PC für Mac weiter terminlos
• Probleme des task-based Windows interface
• Adobes Stellungnahme zum 'sluggish Mac'
• Windows-to-Linux Roadmap
• Griechisch Petition (erneut)
• FavBar ausgreift
Die Details wie gewohnt beim Weiterlesen...

AppleInsider legt zu den gestrigen Gerüchten nochmal nach:

"According to two anonymous reports, Apple retailers in the north east had received shipments of both dual 1.8 GHz Power Mac G5s and a new 20" iMac as of early this morning. A third 'mystery' product, priced at $749 USD, was said to be unknown and rumored to be either a wide-screen 17" display or possibly a reduced price on the 20" Apple Cinema Display."

Apple dehnt die iPod-Werbetrommel aus, auch bei MTV wurden iPod Spots gezeigt und Sendungen von Apple gesponsort, u.a Punk'd.
(via macnn)

'Finding Nemo' hat es auch zur bestverkauften DVD aller Zeiten gebracht und Steve Jobs freut sich natürlich:

"Pixar's creative team pours their hearts into creating the industry's best DVDs for our films, so this resounding success is especially gratifying. We're thrilled beyond words."

Generic Computertry über die Probleme des 'Task-based' Windows interface:

"The task - based interface is something Microsoft has wanted for a while. Wizards, paperclips, Bob, all of these things attempt to make the computer conform to what we use it for. In other words, the user should think less of the computer, and more of what they wish to do with the computer. This is not a bad thing. In fact, you use task based interfaces every day. Your ATM. Your DVD player. Your microwave oven. Your car. They work very well. But notice the one thing they all have in common.
The devices they are interfaces for are single, or limited - task devices."

Nach all der Aufregung:
"In the recently-published Illustrator CS for Dummies, Ted Alspach, Adobe's Group Product Manager for Illustration Products, wrote: 'As of 2003, Windows systems have taken a decisive lead over Macs when it comes to performance. The difference is most apparent with graphics applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator, but you'll notice it with other applications as well. If you're thinking of purchasing a new system, and speed and responsiveness is important (or at least more important than the feel of the OS, I suggest getting a zippy PC over a (comparably) sluggish Mac.' "

Nun eine Stellungnahme von Adobe:
"'Ted Alspach's views do not reflect the views of Adobe. He shouldn't have written what he did and indentified those opinions with Adobe. It can be safely assumed that Ted won't be making any more statements like that,' said Brady.
'Any performance issues that might have been considered when he wrote his book have been made irrelevant by the Power Mac G5 launch. It's our view that in the creative pro space, the Mac is stronger than ever,' he added."

Beides zusammen nachzulesen in der PC Pro.

Snerdware bietet mit Groupcal (Public Beta) einiges für iCal:
"Now you can take full advantage of the all the group calendaring features of Exchange directly from Apple iCal. Finally, view and share your calendar schedules quickly, easily, and transparently with your coworkers running Outlook. All with no Exchange Server 2000 install."
(via macdailynews)

Am Rande bemerkt in der Computerworld:
"Sommer said plans call for a new version of Virtual PC for Mac to be offered next year, but she declined to provide specifics on timing and features. The current versions of Virtual PC for Mac don't run on the latest Power Mac G5 processor, but Sommer said Microsoft is working on that functionality for the next version of the product."

IBM bietet eine Windows-to-Linux roadmap für Entwickler, die allerdings auch für Terminalinteressierte einen Blick wert ist.
(via Universal Rule)

FavoritesBar (mehr dazu auch bei mir) liegt jetzt in Version 1.0.2b vor und ist inzwischen sehr ausgereift.

Die Petition für eine bessere Griechisch Unterstützung durch Mac OS X hat es nach fast einem Monat (damals bei mir verlinkt) auch zu MacNN geschafft und erfreut sich jetzt hoffentlich einer wachsenden Öffentlichkeit.

Bei TidBITS.com hat man sich der neuen Sprachfunktionalitäte in 10.3 angenommen:

"With Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar, Apple made sweeping changes to the operating system's language handling and internationalization features, which are key to the Mac's acceptance throughout much of the world and for many people who regularly work in multiple languages. Three weeks of working with the foreign language capabilities of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther reveals a number of interesting new features. Although the changes are not as great as those we saw in Jaguar - and a couple new bugs have been introduced - the experience is on balance overwhelmingly positive."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
11/18 First hydrogen bomb blasts Enewetok, 1952
(So einfach ist das).

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Apple Bluetooth Firmware 1.4.1

Per Software Update:

Bluetooth 1.4.1 provides enhanced stability for Bluetooth connections. This release also improves performance with human interface devices (HID) including enhancements to wake from sleep.

Standalone Variante inzwischen auch verfügbar.

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Hardcore Gerüchteküche

Seltsam, deshalb kurz gehalten:

Morgen (!) erscheint ein 20" iMac.
Erstaunlicherweise auch bei Think Secret:
"The company will announce 20-inch flat-panel iMacs as well as Dual-1.8GHz Power Mac G5s, sources confirmed to Think Secret.
The 20-inch iMac will bring up the high end of the consumer line, reportedly shipping with a 1.25GHz G4, like the current 17-inch model. Pricing for the new iMac is not known, but sources said that availability of the 20-inch iMac will be limited early on."

Und demnächst gibt es (mal wieder) Dual G4 PowerBooks als Lückenbüßer (oder auch nicht, dann kommt nämlich das G5 PowerBook im Mai 2004).

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Steves Lorbeeren

Nachdem Steve Jobs heute morgen schon zum 'king of digital cool' ernannt worden war, landete er nun noch in der Marketing Top 50 (ca. 800KB .pdf) von AdAge (und ist damit die erste Person, die es dreimal in die AdAge Liste der führenden Brands geschafft hat):
"Not bad for a guy who never had a traditional marketing career. This year, Mr. Jobs wins for turning the charged debate over the illegal downloading of music over the Internet into a marketing opportunity. His dual platform approach includes successful marketing of the iPod music player in tandem with iTunes, its online music store."

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Matrix: Microsoft (Update)

Offensichtlich ist Herrn Ballmer, der bereits durch Schweißflecken und grandiose Tanzkünste auf sich aufmerksam zu machen wusste und Herrn Gates nichts zu peinlich:


"Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates offers two pills to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in a 'Matrix' spoof video during Gates' keynote address for the Comdex computer convention in Las Vegas, Nevada November 16, 2003. 'Take the Big Blue pill and this story ends,' Gates says to Ballmer, referring to a pivotal scene in the movie and also to IBM's nickname, 'And armies of consultants are running around the IT world. Take the red pill (representing Microsoft) and you stay in Wonderland.' Gates played the character 'Neo' from the film." (via Yahoo News)

Inzwischen auch bei ./, gewohnt unterhaltsam:
"Wow, he's called "steve-o" ? The marketing / PR folks screwed the pooch a bit there.
Nothing like having one of your two most recognizable corporate officers sharing a name with a guy who's known for stapling his ball sack to his leg."

Wer sich weitere Bilder antun will, wird hier und hier fündig.

Auch weiterhin ist der komplette Film noch nicht als Download aufzutreiben, allerdings kann man sich schon einen ersten Eindruck des Schundstreifens machen, wenn man es denn wirklich will. Herunterladbar bei only4gurus als 5,7MB .zip, welches sich dann wenig verwunderlich als .wmv entpuppt. Schmerzhaft lustig jedenfalls.

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