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Lord of the iPod (Update)

Forbes.com berichtet über die Firma PortalPlayer (ein wenig mehr dazu gab es bei mir im vergangenen Dezember), die das zentrale Nervensystem für den iPod liefert:

"In 2001 the small firm beat out nine competitors, including Texas Instruments, to provide iPod's central nervous system. Apple's in-house designers provide the look and feel that make the iPod so distinctive; PortalPlayer provides the innards that lie beneath. It won over Apple with a design that uses two modest processors and an operating system two years in the making.
PortalPlayer's "firmware" makes it easy for makers to mix and match features and rapidly stamp out upgrades without having to start from scratch. Apple picked PortalPlayer in the summer of 2001, and the iPod was in stores in November of that year."

Natürlich findet der iPod genauso gerne in seiner Funktionalität als externe Festplatte immer wieder begeisterte Anwendung, so tragen nicht nur Wissenschaftler das komplette menschliche Genom damit umher, sondern ebenso wurde während der 'The Lord of the Rings' Produktion ständig auf die Speicherkapazität des iPods (und etliche weitere Apple Produkte) zurückgegriffen:

"Jackson then viewed those 1K-resolution QuickTime files on an Apple Cinema Display, tied to his G4 laptop, which drew directly from his iPod. The director's setup was mirrored in New Zealand, so Rygiel and crew could step through shots with the help of their iPods, with Jackson's guidance piped in over a videoconferencing system. During the course of two movies and four months, "Rings" iPods stored and served up nearly one-half terabyte of digitized footage from "Towers" and "King."



"Lord of the Rings Director Peter Jackson powers his Apple Titanium Powerbook with an Apple Cinema Display."
Gefunden in der grandiosen 'Mac Watch' Rubrik bei dogmatic.

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