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Mehr zum HP iPod, iTMS Europa Gerüchte, Geheimnisse des iPod mini

Leider sind zum grandiosen HP-Apple Deal nicht gerade viele weitere Details bekannt geworden. Anschauen kann man sich den HP iPod bzw. HP Digital Music Player (zumindest momentan) in gesammelten Screenshots bei IT&W oder im Video der Vorstellung durch Carly Fiorina auf der CES.
Interessanterweise scheint Apple ursprünglich an HP herangetreten zu sein:
"Apple approached HP late last year hoping to piggyback on HP's number one market position in retail PC sales. But it was iPod's stellar sales numbers in the December quarter that convinced HP to drop alternate plans."

Microsoft reagierte genauso erheiternd und anscheinend unvorbereitet wie schon bei der Vorstellung der Windowsvariante von iTunes im vergangenen Oktober:
"Thursday the company appeared unprepared for the Apple-Hewlett agreement, which clearly stung Microsoft executives. They said the agreement would limit choice and harm consumers.
"Windows is about choice, you can mix and match all of this stuff," said David Fester, general manager of Microsoft's Windows digital media division. "We believe you should have the same choice when it comes to music services."

Michael Dell entschloss sich, erst gar nicht Stellung zu nehmen:
"Asked about HP and Apple's iPod alliance on Thursday, Dell Chief Executive Michael Dell said he had nothing to say."

Eine gute Presseschau zum Thema gibt es in der Washington Post. Eine schöne Zitatensammlung bei codepoetry.

Bill Palmer freut sich berechtigterweise:
"But the deal between Apple and HP is not only multi-year, it's exclusive (at least on HP's end). In the fast-changing world of personal computing, this deal might as well be considered infinite. In some respects, it's remarkable that HP would even want to participate, considering the way that the whole thing seems to so heavily favor Apple. But I guess that's what happens when one company so heavily dominates a market. Just ask Microsoft."

Dass der iPod bei den inzwischen erreichten Verkaufszahlen (im letzten Quartal hat Apple wohl annähernd so viele iPods wie Macs verkauft, kommenden Mittwoch gibt es wie schon mehrfach erwähnt Quartalszahlen) eigene Märkte geschaffen hat, verwundert da nicht weiter:
"The momentum behind the iPod has spawned a new and already competitive market devoted to the iconic device."

In der Macworld gibt es die 'Secrets of the iPod mini':
"I decided to find out by visiting the Apple booth and, in the guise of an interested user, pressing every button combination I could. Here's what I discovered."

Die iTunes Music Store für Europa Gerüchte scheinen langsam wieder aufzuleben, so bei TechDigest:
"The gossip from the recent Apple Expo in San Francisco is that its iTunes music download service will launch in the spring, possibly coinciding with the arrival of the new iPod mini. While iTunes has been enormously successful in the US, the company has obviously found it significantly trickier to negotiate with the huge number of record companies based in the various countries across Europe." (mehr zur Verzögerung der weltweiten iPod Auslieferung)
Und ebenso bei MacRumors, dort wird allerdings mehr Richtung Mai spekuliert.

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