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RealNetworks Reaktion auf die Apple-HP Allianz

Während Dell und Microsoft merkwürdige 'Un-Stellungnahmen' abgaben, schien man bei Real durchaus zufrieden mit dem Apple-HP Deal zu sein:

"IDGNS: HP last week announced it will release a digital music player later based on Apple's iPod and preinstall Apple's iTunes jukebox software on its consumer PCs and notebook systems. Does that hurt RealNetworks?

Glaser: "iTunes is only going to be used for playing songs you bought using the iTunes store or ripped using iTunes. What we have done with RealPlayer 10 by making it universal is create a solution that we think consumers will flock to. Imagine the situation that you buy a couple of tracks from the iTunes store, a couple of tracks from Napster and hopefully you'll buy tracks from the RealPlayer Music Store. You want it to just work.
What Apple is doing reinforces format diversity. Even though Apple is narrowly focused on their one format, their success reinforces the need for people to take a universal approach. We're the only major player that does that."

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