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Lesenswerte iPhoto 4 Kritik bei DasGenie: !Scrap, inklusive Möglichkeit zur Verbesserung der Keyword Nutzung.

Die RIAA begrüßt den Pepsi iTunes Spot (wen wundert es?):

"The RIAA applauded the ad, even though it may serve to remind some of the trade group's legal campaign, which many music fans thought went too far.
"This ad shows how everything has changed," said RIAA chief executive Mitch Bainwol. The debate is not digital versus plastic, it's legitimate versus illegitimate."

Ganz überlesen hatte ich bisher, dass Pepsi neben dem Super Bowl Spot, noch weitere Bewerbungen im Sinn hat:

"In addition to its television efforts, Pepsi is the presenting sponsor of the Super Bowl’s official Web site, www.superbowl.com. Beginning Super Bowl weekend and throughout February, Pepsi will feature ads and giveaways on the site. The Pepsi iTunes promotion will be highlighted on the Super Bowl site and on Yahoo! with a special message from superstar Beyoncé Knowles."

Dem MacObserver ist schon eine Pepsi Flasche mit Gewinn-Code in die Hände gefallen, man hatte jedoch noch Probleme beim Einlösen:

"I sat back, took a pull from my now flat and warm Pepsi, and thought for a bit. The first thing I thought was that Pepsi tastes much better when it is cold and has some fizz. My second thought was that the promotion doesn't really start until February 1, so maybe iTunes won't accept the Pepsi codes until then. Makes sense to me, but, being the diligent gent that I am, I gave Apple a call to confirm my suspicions.
The nice folks at Apple replied, confirming my thinking; about being too early to redeem my cap, not about Pepsi tasting better cold and fizzing, although I think they would confirm that though if I asked."

Seattlepi.com berichtet über die 'Mac lovers of Microsoft', sprich die MacBU bei MS:

"We may be part of Microsoft, but we're really Mac users," said Roz Ho, general manager of the Mac Business Unit. "Many of us use Macs both at work and at home, and I think that's what keeps us current on what's happening in the Mac environment."
Employees of the Mac Business Unit echo that sentiment, speaking of their enthusiasm for making Mac software and their fondness for Macs in general. In an employee video shown at an event last year, they recounted with pride such tales as the colleague who broke up with a girlfriend who bought a Windows PC."

MacBidouille liefert eine kleine MIDEM Nachlese.

Praktisch für Gebrauchtkäufer, die Knowledge Base listet sämtliche Macs mit ihrem entsprechenden Auslieferungsbetriebssystem seit 1998 auf.

Final Cut Express bekommt ein kleines Update auf 2.0.2:

"This update includes fixes and improvements for Final Cut Express 2. Improvements include changes to the user interface and window displays, documentation, and user preferences. This update also fixes known issues with audio and video syncing over FireWire, Timeline editing functionality, and capturing long clips."

Gestern komplett vergessen zu posten das Nudge Contextual Menu, sehr feine Sache:

"This Contextual Menu "nudges" the Finder to update the information it displays about a file or folder. Use it on any item (or groups of items) if you suspect the Finder hasn't updated its view. This should work for most attribute changes, icon changes, size changes, files that have been saved but don't appear, and so forth. On Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and up, you can control-click on the empty space in any Finder window and have the contextual menu act on the containing folder."
Ab 10.2; 64KB; Freeware (Donations aber natürlich gerne gesehen)
(via Daring Fireball)

Mal wieder an der Zeit für ein kurzes 'Danke, Herr Google'. So findet man mich dort nicht nur perkekt auf der Suche nach 'Bierlaune' sondern genauso nach 'geheimen Fotos' sowie 'iPod Sex', wer weiß schon, ob damit nur versucht wurde, das Geschlecht des sexy Gerätes herauzufinden...

Außerdem Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
01/31 Hewlett-Packard founded, 1939

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