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Apple Computer Inc. vs Apple Corps (Update)

Wie bereits kurz Anfang Februar angesprochen, nimmt die Apple vs. Apple Klage ihren Lauf, wobei es heute zurück vor Londons 'High Court' geht. Bloomberg.com hat einen Artikel, der den Hintergrund der Klage erläutert und eine praktische Zeitleiste mit der Beziehung zwischen den beiden Firmen beinhaltet:

1981 Apple Corps signs agreement with Apple Computer over the use
of the word Apple and the apple logo as a trademark. The agreement
settles conflicts in the 1970s over Apple Computer's use of the
`Apple' and the logo of an apple.

Late 1980s - Disputes arise between Apple Computer and Apple Corps
over the 1981 agreement.

1989 Apple Corps files its first suit against Apple Computer,
claiming the 1981 agreement has been breached.

1991 Oct. 9 - After more than 100 days of trial in London, Apple
Corps and Apple Computer reach a settlement. Apple Computer pays
Apple Corps $26.5 million. A trademark agreement is also signed,
replacing the 1981 and 1986 contracts.

2003 July 4 - Apple Corps sues Apple Computer at the High Court in
London. Oct. 8 - Apple Computer files its suit in San Jose,
seeking a declaration from Apple Corps that the agreement has not
been breached.

Bis jetzt drehte es sich rein um die Frage, wo die Klage zu verhandeln sei, wie der Mac Observer berichtet:
"In the first day of what is expected to be a three-day hearing, lawyers for Apple Computer argued that because at present its iTunes service is only available in the US, and because a similar lawsuit by Apple Corps is already being dealt with in San Francisco, Calif., the case should be heard in the US and not Great Britain.
"This is purely a question of jurisdiction at this point," Mike Taylor, a court reporter for the British Press Association, who was in the court room during Wednesday's proceedings, told The Mac Observer. "The attorney for Apple Computer, Lord Grabiner QC, said he was 'completely in the dark about the reasons Apple Corps wanted to move this case.'"

Die schönste Anekdote am Rand ist allerdings der iPod besitzende Richter:
"In an opening volley of light talk, the judge hearing the jurisdictional issue revealed he owns an Apple iPod and asked the lawyers if that revelation disqualified him from hearing the case. Lord Grabiner QC said he was delighted to hear Justice Mann had an iPod and added, "We would perhaps have sent you one free if that would not have been improper."
Neither the plaintiffs of defendants had any objections to the judge's concerns."

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