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Details zu den Apple Retail Stores (Update)

Apples (Noch-)CFO Fred Anderson widmete sich in seiner Rede während des Goldman Sachs Technology Investment Symposiums in Phoenix den Apple Retail Stores:

"Mr. Anderson said the gross profit margin for Apple's retail stores was 3.3 percent, generating US$9 million in profit on revenues of US$273 million during the latest quarter.

Mr. Anderson said he is "very pleased" with the profitability of the existing 76 stores. "Our stores are creating significant growth for Apple," he said. "Somewhere between 40 and 50 percent, depending on the quarter, of our sales are to non-Mac users, so it's definitely converting switchers to the platform."

Asked where the company would be "max'ing out" on the number of retail stores, Anderson repeated that the company has 76 stores today, would be opening the 77th "flagship" stores in San Francisco this weekend, and would be opening the second international store in Osaka before the end of the year. He said the company is targeting "somewhere around 80 stores" by back-to-school September.

"We can predict with a fairly good degree of accuracy the sales of a new MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) market that we might be evaluating to enter based upon the sales historically correlated with the Mac base within a 10 to 15 miles radius of a planned store location," Mr. Anderson said. "It's a pretty good prediction of how much revenue we would be able to do for a store. So we don't plan to open any new stores that we don't believe we have a really good chance to at least break even in the first year of operation."

Mr. Anderson said there were no plans to move or down-size any existing stores, but admitted, "some of the store locations in the first year of operation, had we had it to do over again, we would have put a small store (at 4,000 square feet) rather than a standard store (at 7,000 square feet) because the markets weren't large enough to justify a larger store."

(Quellen: ifo Apple Store und The Mac Observer)

Apropos Apple Store:
Apple Insider munkelt:
"The next round of Apple's international retail store experiment is set to touchdown in Canada, according to sources with ties to the company's retail division.
Plans to launch at least two stores in the Toronto, Ontario area are said to be underway, with Apple representatives actively seeking additional locations in and outside of the province."
und 'Second Apple Store coming to San Francisco, sources say'. Der 'erste' San Francisco Store öffnet kommenden Samstag seine Tore.

Einige weitere interessante Details zu Andersons Rede bei MacNN:
"Apple said it doesn't calculate all revenue generated by its software, since some of its software is bundled for free with Macs. However, in the December quarter was $238M, up 50% year-over-year. Apple said its R&D spending is $500M per year. 50% on hardware; 30% on OS, and 20% on application development. Sales of software on a standalone are much like other software companies, although it declined to mention specifics."

Weitere interessante Details zum Apple Store San Francisco bei CNET:
"The store will have 70 employees, Johnson said, who speak a total of 15 different languages.
"One language they all speak is Windows," quipped Johnson. "That's really important if you are trying to switch people to Macs."

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