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Die New York Post vermerkt am Rande eines iPod mini Berichts, dass der Traffic auf apple.com mal wieder zugelegt hat, leider mit nur sehr spärlichen Informationen:
"Analysts said Apple.com, the company's Web site, had a 24 percent increase in visits as frenzied fans checked out the new audio tool."

Apple sahnt bei NetworkWorldFusion einen 'Best Products'-Preis für iSight und iChat AV ab:

"Apple is well known for style and design, but the technology behind the camera was equally impressive. A Web chat over a broadband connection (on both endpoints), looked and sounded like a real-time videoconference with equipment that costs thousands of dollars. The camera connected to our Macintosh laptops via FireWire, which helps improve picture quality when streaming. The camera also does auto-focus the right way - with other Webcams we spent a lot of time trying to adjust the focus manually to sharpen the picture."

iPod als begehrtes Diebesgut, wen wundert es? Bei ThisisLondon:
"Gary Parkinson, deputy editor of gadget magazine Stuff, claimed the key for owners was to change the headphones. "Having white headphones might be stylish but they act as an indicator to thieves. You really are an obvious target if you use them."

Wer sich schon immer einen dialektischen Browser (i.e. Safari) wünschte, der kann über macprime.ch gleich selbst Hand/Sprachzentrum anlegen.

Fake-iPod im Pocket PC von Starbrite, Kommentar bei iPodlounge:
"Starbrite Solutions has introduced the pPod for the Windows Pocket PC platform. This MP3 player mimics the look and basic functionality of a 3G iPod... including a scroll wheel. It even has a blue backlight! I wonder how long it will take Apple to blow the whistle on this product."

Laut O'Grady's PowerPage verstehen sich iTrip und iPod mini durchaus.
Weiterhin gibt es dort mehr und weniger offensichtliche Tipps zum schonenden Akkugebrauch mit dem iPod.

Seit einigen Tagen online und vollkommen übersehen hatte ich den O'Reilly Artikel von François Joseph de Kermadec über Sicherheit in/mit OS X:

"The recent security issues that have affected Windows users have led the media--and sometimes even Mac-specialized publications--to talk about the shortcomings of the Windows security scheme and to provide surprisingly detailed advice.
So far, Mac users indeed have been luckier. Mac OS X is relatively secure out of the box, and Apple has been good about providing easily installable security updates as needed.[...]
In this article, I'll take a hands-on approach to what I call "security through common sense," the basic security steps that every single Mac user should take.

Think Secret sagt FileMaker 7 für kommenden März vorher:

"Earlier, some sources anticipated that FileMaker would announce the new version at Macworld Expo/San Francisco, but the company instead opted to push back the announcement, which has given the company more time to demo Version 7. "This upgrade is bigger than any other upgrade in the past," said one source who recently got his first look at FileMaker 7. "This release is going to keep FileMaker a best-in-class app for several years."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
02/24 Impeachment proceedings against Andrew Johnson begin, 1868

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