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DonnerstagsMacOrama Teil II

Für 2-Monitore-benutzende-2-Mac-Besitzer: Teleport, begeistert beschrieben bei What Do I Know:

"Currently a public beta, Teleport easily installs as a System Preferences pane. You install it on your main machine and any Mac you wish to control. After activating the app on both my PowerMac and 12” PowerBook, I requested permission from the PowerMac to control the PowerBook. The PowerBook popped up a dialog box asking if that was alright (so you can’t grab control of a coworkers’ Mac without permission). After clicking OK, I then moved back to the PowerMac and selected which side of my primary screen I’d like to use as my exit door to the PowerBook. From there it was go time — I could easily move the mouse over to my PowerBook’s screen, move windows around, type emails, and browse in Safari.

I didn’t have a third Mac to test this with, but from the looks of the interface you could easily set a second area of your main monitor to use an exit door to another Mac. So if you have three, four, five, or more Macs all within sight, there doesn’t appear to be anything standing in your way."
Ich hoffe, das in den nächsten Tagen mal testen zu können...

Business Week vermeldet zwar sehr positives, konnte die genannten Zahlen allerdings nicht nachvollziehen:

"The big resurgence in capital spending lifted tech companies sharply, as corporations began investing again in information technology. Earnings for the computer industry soared 210%. Apple Computer Inc. recorded the largest increase for the group, a 552% jump in annual profits to $137 million, thanks to strong sales of its computers and the iPod."

Interview mit Jan Sperlich bei den MacGuardians:

"Bildung ist also ein Thema für Deutschland - auch für Apple Deutschland? Aber ja, lautet die Antwort, ein erfolgreiches zumal. Vor ein paar Tagen schon haben die MacGuardians berichtet: In West-Europa konnte Apple seinen Anteil am Bildungsmarkt auf über 10 Prozent steigern. Und Jan Sperlich war mit der didacta zufrieden. Jan Sperlich? Nun ja, eben der "Education Sales Manager bei Apple Deutschland", wie es so schön im Management-Titel-Sprech heißt."

Audio-Interview mit Stan Ng, Director Product Marketing - iPod, bei Inside Digital Media.

Interview bei TMO:

"Matt Golombek PhD, JPL planetary geologist and Mars exploration rover landing site scientist, was the man responsible for choosing the landing sites for the Mars rovers Opportunity and Spirit. In order to determine the best sites for these ground breaking spacecrafts, Golombek and his colleagues used the fastest desktop Mac available, in these cases a new G5 with dual 2 GHz processors running 8 GB of RAM."

MGM ist anscheinend ebenfalls an Pixar interessiert:

"Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. hopes to convince Pixar Animation Studios it would be the best distribution partner for Pixar's animated films.
"We have spoken to Pixar and we do intend to speak with them again very soon," Chris McGurk, MGM vice chairman and chief operating officer, said Wednesday during a conference call to discuss the company's fourth-quarter results. "We would love to be in business with them."

Bei MacFixIt:

"A MacFixIt reader recently sent us a very thorough report on an issue that has occurred across several different iPods and a number of long conversations with AppleCare support representatives. The overall conclusion is that leaving an iPod in its dock (or, presumably, connected directly to a Mac via the dock/FireWire cable) while the Mac is asleep can drain the iPod's battery."

Mac-Sightings. Heute: The Sopranos.

10% Rabatt auf Digitalkameras in den Apple Retail Stores (bis zum 31.03.04) für .mac Kunden.
Schöne Geschichte, fehlen nur noch weitere Apple Stores in Europa...

Computer Times über den Apple Singapore Chef Mr. Edward Fun:

"Initially, he wasn't sure about joining Apple. Would he want to join a company that had a global or local market share in Singapore of less than 10 per cent?
After some research and conversations with friends, he decided to take the plunge.
'Apple is a growing company, the products are changing. It is the only company in the IT world which is, and has been, changing the landscape for so many years. There was the Classic Mac, which came out 20 years ago. But many of us remember the colour iMacs, which were so innovative. They came with no floppy disk and were the first with FireWire. And of course, iMacs came in several colours."

Google Suchanfrage des Tages: Feuerwarndraht (hätte ja nicht gedacht, dass danach wirklich mal jemand sucht...).

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