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Bei IT&W nimmt man sich der Wasserkühlung im Zusammenhang mit einem Artikel bei CNET über Cooligy an:
"Apple setzt bekanntlich in weit höherem Maße auf neue Technologien als andere Computerbauer. Ein flüssigkeitsgekühlter Hochleistungs-Mac - oder auch ein G5-PowerBook, wie AppleInsider es im Kaffeesatz sah - sind also zumindest vorstellbar."

Frédéric Latour setzt sich stets lesenswert mit der Problematik der überbordenden Menüleisten Icons auseinander:

"About everyone using Mac OS X is using menu bar icons (also menulets"). Those appear on the upper right corner of your screen and offer various informations : the Clock, your Internet Connect, AirPort and iChat status, the Fast User Switching menu in Panther, etc. In fact, there are so many menulets available, that we soon miss space to store them on our menu bar. With applications that have long or multiple menus, menulets sometimes disappear as they are covered by the applications menus (this is especially true on smaller screens)."

Der iPod mini im speziellen Akku-Test bei iPodlounge.com:
"The iPod’s advertised eight-hour battery life has been a point of controversy for some time now, and our results are not yet likely to end the debates. We were surprised to see our 3G iPod exhibit nearly identical performance on both of our tests, while the iPod mini on one test misses and alternately exceeds its advertised performance."

Das ist auch Apple selbst eine Erwähnung wert:
"The world-famous British Pathe archive is using Apple technology to adapt the first digital news resource of its kind, so that schoolchildren can download high-resolution, original footage of the Titanic, the D-Day landings or The Beatles, and use it to bring their school projects to life."
Insbesondere wohl auch deswegen:
"In 2001, thanks to funding from the New Opportunities Fund, Peter initiated the first stage of the project, making the content available in Windows Media Player format. “QuickTime 6 is far superior”, he explains, “but it wasn’t released until Spring 2002. So when we started the coding in 2001, we had to go with Windows Media 8”. However, when Microsoft opted out of supporting the emerging cross-platform MPEG-4 standard on which other vendors — including Apple and Real — were basing their next generation technologies, the die was cast, and Pathe turned to QuickTime."

Das feine Pflicht-PDF Browser Plugin von Manfred Schubert liegt nun in Version 2 vor (nur für 10.3).

Review des iPod mini Armbands bei i-pod.de.

'Safari Wars IV: A New Hope' bei RoughlyDrafted:
"The Finder has ruled Mac applications for the last twenty years. It's always there, right in front or lurking in the back waiting to help. What new features does the Finder dream of when a Mac goes to sleep? What does it have to do with Safari? Answers await!"

Entlassungen in Apples Education Division:
"An Apple spokesperson confirmed there were "minor work-force reductions" but declined to say how many jobs were cut, or which area they came from. The spokesperson did say that headcount at the company continues to grow overall. Apple has around 10,000 employees overall."

In der Forbes-Milliardär-Liste ist Steve Jobs auf Platz 262 mit einem geschätzten Vermögen von rund 2.1 Milliarden US Dollar. Platz 1 wird nach wie vor von Bill Gates beherrscht, dicht gefolgt von einem heftig reicher werdenden Warren Buffett und auf Platz 3 findet sich natürlich Karl 'Aldi' Albrecht.

Alex Salkever setzt sich in der Business Week mit Apples Serverstrategie auseinander, die nach dem Weggang von Sebastian Gunningham einen Dämpfer erfahren musste:

"Apple's efforts in business computing are still relatively young -- it's not uncommon for companies seeking to crack corporate computing to take five years or more before making real inroads. In fact, sales of Apple's servers are growing smartly off a tiny base.
Still, Apple could improve its chances by making the purchase of an Xserve more palatable to potential customers. Ultimately, it needs to think about expanding into different business segments if it wants real staying power in corporate-computing markets. That will require much heavier lifting to convince IT managers outside Apple's fan base, since many remain wary of a company with so little history and reputation in corporate computing."

CNET liefert einen Bericht über die neuen Produkte der Sony Line Show 2004:
"As always, we're there to bring you the news on Sony's latest wares, from portable audio players to DVD camcorders to swanky HDTVs."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
02/27 Independence Day in Dominican Republic

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