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iPod Liebe und Hass

Während sich der iPod mehr und mehr zum Massenphänomen entwickelt (zumindest in USA/UK), werden weitere maximal konträre Aritkel folgen.

So heute im Telegraph UK:
"I hate iPods. I mean, I really, really hate them. There, I've said it. My feelings towards Apple's oh-so-clever digital music player have left me feeling ostracised and hopelessly out of the loop.
Every time I slip the latest CD into my Walkman (£35), part of me wonders if I'm a freak for thinking that £400 is too much to spend on a portable music player. Am I culturally impoverished for failing to understand why it's essential to have 10,000 songs in my back pocket when I pop out for a pint of milk? Am I the only person who doesn't get over-excited by the sleek, minimalist design (a "touch wheel", how clever)?"

Hingegen bei The Village Voice:
"A final element in the iPod paradox: No one throws "Personal MP3 Player Parties," and people with Nomads or Rios tend not to make eyes at each other on the subway. While the content of your iPod is deeply revealing, iPod ownership in itself tells the world something about you. Even aside from the white earbuds, an iPod is a gorgeous creature: Sleek and seamless, it looks nothing like the Walkman or Discman of old. It does, however, look like many other Apple products, which tend to be fetish items among design fans. In fact, it may be that the iPod is the highest-selling Mac item because it gets the most street exposure. If people regularly used their G4s or iBooks on the sidewalk, those items might also escape the cult of Mac and become coveted by the mainstream. Since iPods are both publicly used and easy to spot, they have become shorthand for a certain kind of cool that can only be achieved by purchasing an iPod of your own—in other words, they sell themselves."

Kommentar Metafilter:
"Pro and con arguments about the iPod. The Pro argument: It changes our relationship to music. It creates an in-group marked by instantly recognizable white earbuds. The Con argument: It changes our relationship to music. It creates an in-group marked by instantly recognizable white earbuds."

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