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Kleiner aber feiner Tipp bei macsoxhints.com:

"In Safari 1.2, once you have downloaded a file, you can double-click on the icon in the Downloads window to open the file with its default application. Saves a step of clicking on the magnifying glass to display the file in a finder window before opening."

Matthew Thomas berichtet von seinen ersten 48 Stunden mit Mac OS X, durchaus lesenswert, obwohl ich mich frage, wie man sich soviel Zeit nehmen kann, Unstimmigkeiten aufzulisten und dabei zu folgendem Schluß kommt:

"So, smartypants, why don’t you report these bugs to Apple?
Because in the long run, that would be a waste of time. Apple could employ their own quality assurance people and programming people and project management people who would make sure these sort of usability problems were fixed. And indeed they used to. An equivalent list of simple usability problems I found after using Mac OS 9 for three years would be less than half as long as this list I compiled after using Mac OS X for two days."
Da hilft auch kein Churchill Zitat am Textende...
(via Daring Fireball)

Think Secret berichtet von den anscheinend immer noch bestehenden Geräuschproblemen bei etlichen PowerMac G5:

"Apple is aware of this noise and is willing to replace the power supply for customers who are dissatisfied," the document says. "The beeping is a normal function and will be reduced, but may not be eliminated, even if the power supply is replaced." However, Apple says, customers who do not wish to have their power supply replaced can change their processor's Energy Saver setting to Highest, which "may increase fan noise" but will reduce the noise level as well."

AppleMatters bietet ein Interview mit Rick Ellis, CEO von pMachine:

"Do you see products like ExpressionEngine integrating more tightly with OS X? For example, Apple has introduced, through .Mac, the ability to use iBlog.
One of the benefits of a system like ExpressionEngine is that it is platform-agnostic. It will run on any web server, from OS X, to Linux, to Windows, and as a user, you can access it using any web browser on any desktop computer. This neutrality is the cornerstone of the web. As much as I love Apple, I'm ambivalent about embracing platform-specific tools. Of course if Steve Jobs wants to make us an offer, I'm all ears!"

MacFixIt spürt weiter der 'Stromverlust bei gedocktem iPod an schlafendem Mac-Problematik' nach:

"As previously mentioned, Apple's documentation merely states that the iPod will not charge while the connected Mac is sleeping, not that the unit will discharge during this period of time. Knowledge Base article #61127 says "To charge iPod's battery, simply connect iPod to your Macintosh. The computer must be turned on, and iPod won't charge if the computer goes into sleep mode."
Most readers report that the iPod drains more quickly when it is connected to an off or sleeping Mac than if it is not connected and sitting idle (however, these measurements may be inaccurate - see below). Some have noticed that the iPod's hard drive sometimes spins while connected to a sleeping Mac. Thus it would appear that the iPod remains active while connected to a sleeping Mac, and is perhaps using more power to stay active than is being drawn from the FireWire port."

Tom Yager freut sich in der Infoworld über seinen idealen PowerMac G5:

"For the work I do, the Intel x86/Windows platform has fallen out of step with my requirements. I need my desktops to move and process multiple mountains of data, located in various places inside and outside the system, while maintaining a smooth, rich, and responsive user interface. I expect that from clients and servers. In the months I’ve worked with the Power Mac G5, I’ve found that the hardware, Panther OS, and the quite remarkable Xcode development environment form an ideal combination of usability and performance. It’s the ideal Mac; Intel’s Xeon simply can’t compete. If Apple wants a competing architecture to worry about, it should set its sights on Opteron. I don’t want to look ahead too far, but the G5 architecture is going to make one hell of a server.

That’s not conjecture. I ran all of my performance tests on the Server edition of the Panther OS without bothering to disable Panther’s long list of services. With low latency, fast transfer rates and few noticeable I/O bottlenecks, the Power Mac G5 is suited to both distributed and isolated environments."

Tim listet seine sehr sinnvollen Wünsche für die nächste NetNewsWire Version auf, wobei ich insbesondere hinter 1. und 2. her bin:

"1. Disabling a subscription via a check box would make much sense if you want to discontinue following a certain feed temporarily. Good examples would be: cvs logs, overly active feeds. Apart from reducing the number of "unread" items, it might also help using less bandwidth.
2. Being able to reorder weblog accounts in the preference pane and weblog editor list would be helpful if you are managing a lot of weblogs. Alphabetical sorting just doesn't honor the importance you give to individual blogs. For reordering, dragging should be possible."

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