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Der patentierte iPod

patentpicIm Oktober 2002 reichte Apple das US Patent Nr. 20040055446 ein: 'Graphical user interface and methods of use thereof in a multimedia player'. Der MacObserver argumentiert, dass es ein grandioser Erfolg für Apple wäre, die Benutzeroberfläche des iPod patentiert zu haben, da genau dies den Player insbesondere von seiner Konkurrenz unterscheide:
"It seems the MP3 market is more sensitive to bad UIs than the desktop market. This makes some sense. When you are jogging or commuting, being able to just intuit the controls of a music player without paying close attention is really a must. Most other players simply do not offer such a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. So far, with regard to design, it's Apple iPod 1, rest of world 0. The question is can or will someone else come up with a navigation UI that is "good enough" without getting sued by Apple?

Should this patent application be allowed by the USPTO, it may turn out to be a big ace-in-the-hole for Apple. Had Apple secured patents on its desktop user interface, many years ago, the entire landscape of the computer industry would likely be very different today."

Apropos Patente, der MacObserver weiß noch von weiteren Apple Patenten im Zusammenhang mit Sprach-Steuerung/-Authentifizierung zu berichten, die möglicherweise im Zusammenhang mit dem vor kurzen bekanntgegebenen Spoken Interface stehen:
"The increased activity could spell some modest and welcome voice enhancements to OS X. Recently, Apple has beefed up its efforts in enhancing its Spoken Interface. It's no stretch to imagine that it will continue to make enhancements by incorporating these latest patented technologies into subsequent releases of its operating system."

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