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MacOrama für den 20. März 2004

Zu Adobes Quartalszahlen meldet die Washington Post:
"We don't believe we are at the peak" for a variety of reasons, he said. Customers are talking extra time to decide which version of the product to buy and to debate the merits of the suite compared with individual Adobe products, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, he said. The Creative Suite includes upgrades of five types of Adobe's publishing software.
Other customers are still evaluating the move to Apple Computer Inc.'s OS X operating system, which the suite requires, Chizen said."
Anderenorts wurde dies just als Verkaufshinderung durch OS X-Unwillige ausgelegt, während tatsächlich der Anteil der Adobe Software-Verkäufe an Mac-Kunden bei 29% lag, gestiegen von 26% im Vorjahresquartal.

Jon Udell in der InfoWorld:
"Ironically, although Microsoft cited competition with Apple’s Safari as the reason for killing IE for the Mac, I’ve abandoned Safari on OS X for the same reason I’ve abandoned IE on Windows. Firefox does more, it’s moving faster, and — here’s the kicker — it runs identically on Windows, OS X, and Linux."
Während ich die Begeisterung für Firefox durchaus teile, sehe ich darin noch lange keinen Grund, Safari gänzlich zu verlassen.

Apple.com artikelt die Geek Band Steriogram:
“A lot of bands don’t even have a computer,” says Carter. “We are the geek band. Wherever we turn up, we’re working hard on our Macs. We use them seriously all the time — to keep in touch through email, to edit the video we shoot on DV cams, to keep up our website. We even made a video about how much we love our Macs!”

Im LinuxJournal schreibt Doc Searls:
"As a PowerBook user, I'm hardly an oddity in Linux circles. OS X runs on Darwin, which is a breed of BSD. It has a UNIX core and a lot of standard UNIX programs, and it obeys common UNIX commands. Its default shell is bash. On it, I can ssh to my servers at home or to my Linux server at Rackspace, where Searls.com lives and where I keep tons of files. I can put it to sleep by closing the lid, and nothing bad happens. For fun I'll sometimes open a shell, run uptime and see how many days or weeks the thing has gone without a reboot."

Ein seltsames Gerücht bei AppleInsider:
"Apple Computer may have made a private investment in a small startup company specializing in Intelligent Security Infrastructure Management Systems (iSIMS), sources tell AppleInsider.com
In about 12 days, Austin-based Symbiot Security will roll-out the the first corporate defense system that fights back against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and hacker attacks by launching counter-strikes.
According to sources in the Valley, over the past few months there had been whispers that Apple was seeding the upstart with prototypes of the Xserve G5. "I thought this was crap until this morning when I saw a press release from Symbiot, where Apple's Ron Okamotos states that iSIMS running on Xserve G5's creates a compelling value."

Ach ja, Firewire (um nicht zu sagen der Feuerwarndraht):
" “The really interesting stuff-wireless--is coming later this year,” said 1394 Trade Association (TA) executive director James Snider in an interview. “We've already showed that 1394 wireless can go through walls with no degradation of the signal.” Snider said more than 1300 separate products now include 1394, ranging from HDD drives and set-top boxes to televisions and DVDs."

Apple Mac OS X Admin Service Buffer Overflow Lets Remote Users Crash the Service

Über Popfile gab es das ein oder andere im fscklog zu lesen, Michael Preidl hat sich in die Höhle/Hölle des Löwen gestürzt und das Musikangebot getestet. Ebenso die MacGuardians.

Safari Wars VI : Return of the GUI
"Episode V left off with the Finder growing stagnant and Microsoft's empire dominating world's browser. What's next? Answers await!
Fortunately, just as Apple failed to keep a stranglehold on isolated, proprietary, high quality but over-engineered graphics computers, Microsoft, after a long period of unchallenged incompetence in the industry, is losing its wholesale control of software to the point where new options and fresh competition are appearing."

Apple Expo 2004 vom 31.08. bis zum 04.09. in Paris, bleibt zu hoffen, dass Steve Jobs die Keynote hält.

Am Rande: Tiefes Grauen bei der Fernseh-CeBIT-Berichterstattung, da erzählt ein Vodafone Pressesprecher, dass sich mit UMTS schneller emails lesen lassen (was ja nun wirklich die "killer app" schlechthin wäre), während der Redakteur vor Ort armselige Gesprächspartner mit der Frage bedrängt, was sie denn von der Entwicklung hielten, bald mit dem Handy Internet schauen zu können...
Lieber CeBIT impressions bei vowe.net lesen!

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
03/20 Radio Caroline, the original British pirate radio station, sinks, 1980

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