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MacOrama für den 24. März 2004

Frédéric Latour liefert den dritten Teil seiner weiterhin lesenswerten Abhandlung über Drag&Drop unter OS X:
"Text edition is undoubtedly the task which occupies the greatest part of our computer work. In spi e of the subtle differences between applications, it is possible to outline general methods for text sele tion and modification, and this, by extension of our knowledge already acquired on drag and drop. This knowl dge will not be useful solely in word processing applications, but also in any text modifications we can do on screen.
Alle drei Drag&Drop Tutorials gesammelt finden sich hier in praktischer Übersicht.

IT&W erinnern an den heutigen Mac OS X Geburtstag:
"Am 24. März 2001 wurde Mac OS 10.0 vorgestellt, zärtlich »Cheetah« genannt und von den Mac-Usern mehr als dringend erwartet. Gleichzeitig kamen die ersten »Lifestyle«-Programme iMovie und iTunes heraus. Viel mehr lief damals aber auch nicht unter OS X, denn das Carbon API wurde erst in OS 10.1 so brauchbar, daß andere Softwarehersteller damit etwas anfangen konnten."
Wer noch ein paar Screenshots der DP3, die knapp vor 10.0 lang betrachten will, findet diese hier (wie vergangenen Oktober im fscklog verlinkt).

Interview bei MacDevCenter.com mit den Köpfen hinter Panic (u.a. Unison, Candybar):
"Duncan: What was it like having iTunes move in on Audion's turf?
Cabel: Honestly, it's fine. I mean, we could be bitter about it. But, it's more like we took one for the team. We like the combination of iTunes, the Music Store, and the iPod and think that it's great for the platform. And what's good for the platform is good for us. Luckily, Audion isn't our only product.
If you are working on Mac software, you have to be aware that Apple is going to write some of the software for the platform. We're not too worried about it, though. We're staying nimble and we've got millions of ideas."

Erste Bilder von Dangers Hiptop 2, bin gespannt, ob diesmal Bluetooth integriert ist:
(via Gizmodo)

Gary Allen erzählt von den zukünftigen Mini Apple Stores:
"The stores will be installed on university campuses over the next 18 months, most likely as special areas of existing student union or bookstore retail operations. The stores will sport some of Apple's typical graphics and design features, while the selection of merchandise will spotlight the student-favored iPods, iBooks and Powerbooks, along with iMacs, digital cameras, camcorders, Airport products and software. The store staff will be Apple employees, but the stores will be administered by the host university."

Außerdem schreibt er für Think Secret über die Pressekonferenz von Apple-Retail-Mann Ron Johnson zur Eröffnung des Apple Store San Francisco:
"Johnson wrapped up his presentation to the San Francisco press, saying, "If there's one message I'd like to leave you, I want you to be comfortable in knowing that this is truly more than a store. We're here to sell a lot of computers, and a lot of iPods. But the way that we do that is by just being a great member of the community. And this is really a place to get help, to learn, to try, to gather, to surf the net, and to buy a product."

"On April 1st, Apple Computer will begin to offer customers additional incentives to purchase computers direct through the company's retail stores, reliable sources told AppleInsider.
The computer maker will reportedly rebrand its 'Mac Pac' service and introduce an additional level of service, offering customers more options for personalized service on their newly purchased Macs."

FrameMaker adé, ab demnächst nur noch für so stark frequentierte Plattformen wie Solaris und Windows:
"The decision to discontinue FrameMaker on the Macintosh operating system was based on the market conditions for FrameMaker," Adobe spokesperson Esther Choi told MacMinute when asked about Adobe's decision. "The majority of Adobe's customers use FrameMaker on Microsoft Windows and the Sun Solaris platforms."
Warum das nicht allzu bedenklich ist, sagt uns flo bei den MacGuardians:
"In dieser neuerlichen Meldung aber nun pauschal die Abkehr vom Mac und im gleichen Zuge den Untergang selbiger zu sehen ist zu kurz gegriffen."

Aus der Boulevard Sparte: Ein Tag im Leben von Melanie Craft.
"I'm messing with a mystery thriller, partly historical, set in San Francisco,'' she says. "I don't know if I'll finish it. I'll see how it turns out.'' Not surprisingly, her computer is a Mac G5 with an Apple Cinema Display screen. Her husband's best friend (he was best man at their wedding) is Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs. Craft's only Microsoft product is Word for Mac. (Microsoft is run by Ellison's tech archrival Bill Gates.)"

Während BoingBoings Cory Doctorow und Jim Roepcke Begeisterung für Shrook 2.0 zeigen, bronski dem Programm immerhin eine weitere Chance gab, konnte mich die Feature-Liste zwar durchaus beeindrucken, die Nutzung selbst (abgesehen vom NetNewsWire-Feed-Import) allerdings mehr in den Wahnsinn treiben.

Apples langsamer aber kontinuierlicher Vormarsch in die Regierungsstellen, bemerkt von MacMinute:
"CDW Government (CDW-G), the government and education subsidiary of CDW Corp., is now offering Apple products on the NASA Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement (SEWP) III contract. This contract allows CDW-G to make more than 100 Apple products available to federal IT customers."

"The next time you see a TV news reporter on location, he may be using nothing more than a FireWire-equipped digital video (DV) camera, a G4 PowerBook, a satellite phone, and Streambox Inc.'s ACT-L3 QuickTime codec to broadcast his report. The company's codec has been in use by mobile news crews for a while now, and at next month's National Association of Broadcasters trade show, Streambox will debut an integrated solution that includes the codec loaded and configured on a G4 PowerBook." Bei MacCentral.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
03/24 Construction of New York subway system begins, 1900

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